Friday, September 14, 2012

Like a Drifter, I Was Born to Walk Alone

This look was a bit out of my comfort zone! The pants/capris are definitely not something I would normally pick - Forward to All was kind enough though to send me some surprise items along with my original picks (the dip dye shirt for example) - but I am really happy with them! I only wish they were a bit smaller (they were size Small), since the waist felt loose and I had to safety pin them to keep them snug.

The unsuspecting white top is another piece by Hapi by Hapiru. Again, like the black top I wore in the previous post, it has a little kick to it! Love the criss-cross back - the only thing I think most girls are going to have issue with is getting the bra right and who really is comfortable going bra less? Well I mentioned the Victoria's Secret invisible uplift bra a few months ago. I really like it. Works perfectly for this kind of stuff :) Though I hear there is a cheaper version at Target!

Last thing I want to mention is my beeauuuutifullll lashes from The House of Lashes. They are my absolute favorite false lashes ever. I just want to say, I've tried false lashes before. I always messed up and swore them off. (I gave in to the individual ones - much easier). Well not only are the House of Lashes lashes of super high quality and very easy to apply - they are lower priced than the department store brands like Makeup Forever and Shu Uemura! I wish I got a close up, but I'll have to try again another day since we ran out of time before my sis had to run to work. -_-

P.S Hope you are keeping up with the daily posts! This is a lot of work but I love it!! And don't forget, if you are in the US, to enter the giveaway in this post here :)


  1. lovely style ; ***

    new post ;DDD

  2. This is a really flattering look on you! I really like those harem pants. I have to admit I wasn't a fan of them at this is literally THE cutest pair I've ever seen. The top adds a nice flirty touch. Love it!

    xoxo Azu

  3. Nice top! So stylish!

  4. you look wonderful! How can you do this everday?

  5. This outfit just convinced me of what I've always thought - you can pretty much pull of ANYTHING. Seriously, you look so gorgeous in this! I'd be so intimidated to try harem pants. Haha, but you make them look so cool. Love the print and that awesome criss cross back top.

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  6. Amazing!

    Emma xo

  7. So cute and pretty, I love the pants and the back of the top!!

  8. I absolutely love the daring back cut out!


  9. We love the pants!! (L)

  10. OMG, you totally rock these harem pants! Can't believe you have never worn them before, because honestly you just look stunning in them with the flirty white top!

    I'm loving this look!

  11. Hello Jess, you look so pretty in this outfit! I really like your pants and bag! :D

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  12. love your blog!you look amazing!kisses from Italy

  13. Nice look! it's your make up everyday the same? your eyes are really beautiful <3!

  14. LOVE this unexpected look on you Jess. That top is so cute and I love the unexpected suprising back! :) I haven't been able to get onto my bloglovin lately but I can't WAIT to look back through it all since I know you've posted everyday! :D :D
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  15. you totally worked this look and look so beautiful as always!
    kw,Ladies in Navy

  16. this is really nice look!! def would wear it. I love harem pants and that tee is so cute :)

  17. such a great look on you babe!

  18. I personally like these harem pants on you quite a bit! They look really flawy and comfortable - perfect for running errands. Stunning.

    xo Ana

  19. adore this look! loving the bracelet! and the cut out detail on the back! amazing!
    Krissy xoxo

  20. Unbelievable how pretty you are. That T-Shirt is damn sexy =)

  21. You're my favorite blogger!:) You have such a great style, it gives me so much inspiration! and the pictures are always super beautiful!
    xx Helmiina

  22. I love this look! Especially your pants!

    The Lovely Memoir

  23. I'm so glad to see you rocking the harem pants since I love mine but didn't know if they were still ok to wear... but since you are wearing them, it MUST be ok!

    And yes! I've also blogged about the Target adhesive bra here:

  24. you can rock any outfit honey!



  25. I love your shoes. too much love for your top, so unique!


  26. OH, I am so purchusing that bracelet, totally fell in love with it! And you look gorgeous in that top, interesting cut

  27. The pants are actually cute for harem pants. YOu look really nice! xx Pip

  28. OMG !!
    all pics are great! I love it!!

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