Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Lovers Point

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New sweater - QuickSilver (The Plaza - Guam), New wedge sneakers - Nine West (GPO - Guam), New Emporio Armani sunglasses - (DFS Galleria - Guam), Shorts - Bullhead Black, Bag - Nasty Gal, Necklace - c/o MBLife, Leather bracelet - c/o Furor Moda, Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington

This set of photos were taken in Guam, shot at Two Lover's Point by the lovely Chihiro Ishino, the Japan ambassador but also a professional photographer too!! I'm wearing a few things I bought in Guam, such as the sweater, sunnies and shoes. It's not the same as a US shopping experience, even though it is a US territory and I did find a lot of fabulous stuff. I'll explain more on this later.

Two Lovers Point is a really gorgeous cliff lookout, with some history about lovers and their leap to an eternity together I believe... you can see really far out along the coast of the island and while there is an entrance fee, it's totally worth it. 

I've been wearing these Nine West sneakers a lot already (for just $90), and I just have to say, black wedge sneakers are SO much more fun than normal sneakers (and just as comfortable too)!!! I can honestly never pass up a chance to be taller, and in a casual look too? Too good!! ...I can't believe it, but I looked everywhere online and I can't find them. Guess you have to go to Guam to get them ;)

And yes, I'm wearing a pink bandaid on my knee... Hello Kitty to be exact! I scraped it on the coral while on my way back to shore with scuba gear on my back. Regardless, scuba diving was one of my favorite parts of the trip and you'll see more on that later too!!


Kiki Lehin said...

LOVE the sneakers, so maybe I should get one? hmmm.. Casual + extra height.


Emma said...

I recently got a pair of sneaker wedges and have been looking for different ways to wear them, really loved how you styled them! They are the most comfortable wedges that I own and don't even feel like i'm wearing a heel!

Cathy said...

Oooh I've been wanting to try wedge sneakers!
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Rebeca Muñoz López said...

I love your sneaker Jess!! you are so nice :) Kisses!

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

classy, comfy, and stylish!!

kmmyp said...

You're so pretty!!!!

Well... said...

Ah man, those are the perfect wedge sneakers <3 I love em!
Plus, sweet sweater and pink band aid xD

Trendy Teal

ka milka said...

good look ; DD

i invite to me too


bibi said...

that`s a awesome outfit as always and those shoes looks really good on you :)

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Love your look!! So adorable
kisses and have nice day

kcomekarolina said...

wow! i love it!

xoxo from rome

Red Sonja said...

Nice sweater! Love the simpleness of this look!


Laura Girard said...

Love this outfit especially the sparadrap detail so cute :)
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Isa said...

I love your sunglasses! It sound beautiful there, can't wait to see more!

Giuls said...

You're so beautiful... love tho outfit :))

madzia said...

very nice look :)

Libra said...

Really Great, Jess!

Eros & Psyche

Krissy ~ said...

aww that plaster!
love your sunnies!

Sarah Mira Park said...

I saw that you did a lot of shopping in Guam (on IG), lucky!! You have such amazing legs, I am jealous!

The Weekend Diary

Angelica Lainis said...

You look gorgeous as always :) Very sunkissed x

jerizamarie said...

Aww you got hurt by coral? At least you have a Guam tattoo then. JUST KIDDING.

Nice shots! Can't wait to see the rest of your Guam photos :)

Marissa Poon said...

I am not a huge fan of high heels because I suck at walking in them. BUT WOW those shoes are gorgeous <3 If you find similar ones online, PLEASEEEE share!!

Lily said...

You look so cool and confident! Love your pretty necklace and comfy shoes! You always are so stylish (:

Harold Jutajero said...

Those are really cool sneakers!!

loving-evelyn said...

Love your sneakers :*

Coline Chavaroche said...

U are perfect

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Arra A. said...

Oh I love your wedges! Instant boost on the casual outfit! I want one too!

Happy holidays!