Monday, January 30, 2012

Time is Free, but it's Priceless

Did you know, I never wore red til I started blogging a few months ago? 
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top - Bebe, shorts - Bullhead Black (Pacsun), shoes - Aldo, tights - Target, bag - Romwe, sunnies - Forever 21

And now I just love wearing red. I always used to say its not my color. But something changed and I'm not sure what :P Oh and I can't remember where I found the title of my blog post, but it really struck a chord with me. Its so true.

I made an amazing dish last night!! It was gobbled up in seconds. If you like salmon, garlic, oregano and brussel sprouts and want a delicious healthy meal, you can see the recipe here. :) It was also quite easy, I may just do a cooking post with this dish!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Day for White Denim

White denim pants? I wish! Literally, they are on my wishlist haha. But no its my white denim jacket, I've pulled out of the back of my closet. I thought it would be fun to mix a little old with new, and this is the result.
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jacket - See Through Soul, top - Express, mini skirt - Forever 21, bag - Big Buddha, shoes - Aldo, watch - Style & Co., ring - Aldo

In case you are wondering why I haven't been doing any detail shots, I don't really think it's necessary when you can find them in my other posts. I am re-wearing a lot of my stuff in my photos, and I hope I'm not boring anyone :) 

Today was a good day, spent with my sister out and about, I visited my old community college because I remembered some great architecture, but alas they were doing construction on my favorite sunken garden! And so I'm going to have to find out when they'll be done because that would make for such a cool photo op! 

If you ever want to get some male attention, just wear a mini skirt. Can't say I garnered the most favorable attention with this outfit, because one man who couldn't stop staring started talking to himself. (At least that's what my sister says he was doing as she sneakily watched him in the reflection of the window. Eek! :P )

Also I wanted to say thank you to all of you for all the amazing comments, followings and support! Because of all of you, I have been contacted for the first time for a giveaway, which you will see on my blog soon!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animal Attraction and *Portrait Contest Winner*

Please pardon the parking lot setting, we went out to dinner for some delicious Thai food and I wanted to grab a few photos with the evening sun that finally came out to play!
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top/dress - Arden B., tights - Target, shoes - Aldo, new bag - DSW online, ring - Aldo, watch - Style & Co.

I've worn this look once before, to a neighbor's house birthday party. My sister wore a cheetah print dress and we were what I would call the "animal attraction" of the night. It was fun :)

Also, this is my new red clutch. Remember how I wanted a red clutch for my "Cool Cat" outfit? Well I got one, and I love it so much. Silky material, girly with the flowers and the perfect red.

And the winner is...
Nieszka! Congrats!  
I am working on a few new portraits which I will present to you with Nieszka's in a few weeks.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Jetty Betty's Color Blocking

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Oh and I brought a light jacket cut motorcycle style, but everyone told me the dress looked best on its own. What do you think? 
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New dress - Lulus, shoes - Cathy Jean, purse - Style & Co., jacket - Forever 21, watch - cruise, ring - Aldo

I really love the side cut outs! They add that extra element of "Wow!" to them! I actually bought this dress about a month ago, so was surprised to see it still on the Lulu's website. I linked to it above :) 

I've been making pecan pancakes almost every day for the last week. They're quite yummy with peanut butter and syrup. Healthy too, if you use whole grain pancake mix like I am :) See the recipe on here.

Also, I got a new purse from DSW online. I got a red silky clutch as well, but since I am going to do an outfit post with it soon, decided to just post the pink one since I probably won't be using it til spring :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Russell Peters Makes Me Laugh

I don't always love the outfits I post, though I should. Well, I LOVE this outfit. However, the temperature dropped, along with the rain stopping momentarily (I couldn't believe it when I opened the window and saw sunlight today) and I started to feel a bit frozen while taking these photos. You can't tell though, can you :) 
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New skirt - Romwe, top - Forever 21, shoes - Aldo, bag - Aldo, necklace - Forever 21, bangle - Mom

If you like the skirt, there's one left at this moment!!! And it's only $24.99!!! Also for a close up on the shoes check out this post  :) Despite the dark colors, this was a fun, girly outfit, simply because of the short, swishy skirt and the attention grabbing platform heels!! I tend to take pictures next to sort of busy streets, because those are the places I notice when I am driving. So it is always funny to watch the people watching you. I think I mentioned this before, but people watching is SO fun. I would have to say the best place to do it is on the main street along the shore in Waikiki, Hawaii. Really diverse, interesting and funny people gravitate there, I don't know why. Plus lots of good looking people. Don't you love to look at good looking people? I do!! :D

So do you like comedians? Russell Peters is my new favorite comedian!!! One of the things that really makes me laugh is how he can do the most hilarious impressions of accents and people all around the world. Chinese people, Indian people, Arabian and Iranian people...etc. We watched his older shows on Netflix, such as "The Green Card" tour. If you have Netflix or know what it is, they do instant streaming of a bunch of movies and tv shows, and update it weekly or daily (I'm not sure). Anyways, if you have a large family or group of people, its great because you can login using your code on like 5 computers! So at my boyfriends house we can use my familys code, my sisters boyfriend's house, my laptop, her laptop, our house tv, and actually 1 more, so maybe 6 computers. :)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

I'm going to admit, I took these photos a few days ago while we still had (off and on) warm, sunny days. In advance for the dark/gloomy/rainy weather that was forecasted. And I'm glad I did!! Because it's terribly dark and depressing out there. Enjoy this little touch of sunlight :)
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And SURPRISE!!! A SUPER CUTE PUPPY! A man in this park was selling three adorable purebred shih tzus.... soooo cute. The little boy puppy I held was $800. Not surprising, since my purebred  female Yorkie was $1250!!! Cute little dogs are so expensive! lol
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hat - sisters (Aldo), denim shirt - sisters, skirt - Forever 21, top - Kensie Girl, shoes - Aldo, belt - Forever 21, Bag - Style & Co, sunnies - Forever 21

Have you heard of the Amazon wish list? It is amazing. I've had mine for a little over a year. What it is, you install a little button in your browser first. Then on ANY site, any site at all, you can click that Amazon button and it will add it to your universal wish list. It grabs the main product picture, which sometimes I have no idea how it knows which picture to grab, and then it grabs the price. This way you can go through your Amazon wish list whenever you want and look at all the stuff you want to buy on a million different sites, all in one. 

The Amazon wish list installer also looks through Amazon to see if they are selling the same thing for a better price. This never works on apparel or shoes, but I was looking at some kitchenware and it found cheaper prices for the same stuff! 

Now if you're like me, after a while your list will have grown to say, 200 + items. And in a way it's kind of bad for the wallet because you are always able to look at everything you want immediately and sometimes you are just a little more free with your money than you should be :) But what I love is A) I can check for stuff I want periodically (and easily) and buy the item right when the price drops (which it often does), B) opens the links to the products on their own company websites in a new tab without me needing to right click, C) you can prioritize the list for friends if they want to buy you gifts D) you can add comments as reminders to yourself which I often use for promo codes I find in advance.

Here's an example of what I have left from my Christmas Wish List. FYI - I removed the items I was gifted already :)

Happy shopping :) 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glam It Up

Sometimes you just want to go a little glam :) 
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New shoes - Zara, bag - Romwe, tights- Target, fur coat - Forever 21, top - Wet Seal, New shorts - Pacsun, sunnies - Forever 21, necklace - Flea market

The booties were a Christmas present from my boyfriend! Aren't they lovely? Initially I wanted some black strappy Zara heels, but they were too big... I was so sad. These were my second choice and I had to size down a whole size and I think they are really nice. A bit stiff, but hopefully a bit of wearing them in will help.

I got the fur coat at a Forever 21 store in Utah near Salt Lake City last year. The 2 level store is AMAZING. I got it on sale because it was during the summer for about $7!!

Saturday night I went to Dave and Buster's with my boyfriend and some friends. It was so FUN! For those that are not familiar with Dave and Buster's, it is like an adult arcade of games. They have video games, pool, prizes, a bar, a restaurant with really unhealthy food, and a cover charge of $10 if you come late at night (like a club! so weird!). I played air hockey and I actually won the second game! You have no idea how intense that is. Playing against a guy in air hockey is like fighting him for his pride... ha ha :) 

Now don't forget I'm holding a contest, there aren't that many entries so you have a good chance! It closes in 6 days :)
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cool Cat

I always like pairing gray and black. I mean, almost any color looks great with black but gray and black are just one of my favorites. In my mind, this look can be described as clean, cool and crisp. I am wearing a sort of loose, but tailored top, minimal accessories, leather pants and heels. Oh and well....these are not leather pants but they kind of look like it, at least I think so :)
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New Pants - Pacsun, top - JcPenney, shoes - Aldo, watch - Style&Co., clutch - ?, ring - Aldo, sunnies - Forever 21

This morning I had a dentist cleaning appointment. I really don't enjoy going to the dentist but I do it 2x a year for check ups, as you should too. I was late... as I am notoriously late for everything but they said it was okay :)

I actually was busy running around a lot today, to the dentist, to pick up food for my sister, to buy/try some new eyeliner (Milani LiquiEye liners are amazing), take some pictures and work too! I got so sad earlier when I saw a pretty large scratch on my car from someone opening their door and hitting mine... it scraped off the paint and you could tell they had rubbed it furiously with their finger (hoping like I did at first it was not actually a scrape) as it had smears all over and around it. I can only think it happened at my boyfriends house where the parking spots are very close together and I wouldn't have noticed it because I am always leaving when it's dark.

Oh and I wrote a little bit about myself and being hapa on HapaVoice, you can see it on their homepage here.

I hope you like this look, I really wanted a red clutch with it but since I didn't have one, I just bought one from DSW online. Haha, oh well, next time. :)

P.S. I'm really happy to see new followers every day, remember every 100 followers I will do a portrait contest! :) outfit

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bowling Club

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New skirt - Romwe, socks - Lulu's, blazer - Forever 21, belt?, top - Forever 21, New shoes - Aldo, bag - Style & Co

Sorry I look like a grump and yes I wore the same shoes as my last post :) I adore them!!! I just got this skirt in the mail, along with a black one which I'll be wearing soon. I'm dressed rather like a school girl right? Maybe the skirt would be longer, and shoes more like, flat, if I was to be more realistic. What's silly is I haven't been in school for 2 years so everyone got a bit of a laugh out of seeing me dress like this! :)

My boyfriend is playing Uncharted 3 as I sit next to him and it such a beautiful game. I think it is my favorite video game of all the games he plays, for me to watch anyways.

Today and yesterday were amazing days for FINDING stuff! Weird right?? I lost my ipod weeks ago, one of my credit cards about a week ago and my keys a few days ago. How could I lose so much useful stuff all at once? Don't ask me! I actually have a list where I write down all of life's (very unimportant) mysteries, and a large part of it is like where did my black socks go? Where did my brown purse go? What was so-and-so going to say that one time. Now I can cross off a few things because I found my keys in my vest I wore tonight, my ipod under my spare tire in my car trunk and my credit card under my drivers seat. Wow :) outfit