Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lovely Lavender

Rosy Ruby dress, [old] Floral platforms, Grafea leather backpack, [old] Aldo necklace [similar], Koko&Beau via Rachel @ kokoluxe.com bracelets, Chameli druzy bracelet, Victoria's Secret bralette

First I just want to say thank you all for the birthday wishes. The response on my last post was incredible and I am so happy!!!! My birthday day was really wonderful, low key and fun. I'm doing a little further celebrating later this month too :) As for this look, we shot this in Santa Cruz (again haha) and it was awkward because so many people were passing by. (Yeah actually we were on a sidewalk and kind of in their way.)

Anyways this dress is in lavender, and I seriously love any shade of purple. The cut is flowy, feminine and playful. It is slightly sheer so I did need a slip. I also wore a Victoria's Secret bralette under because the top is cut so low, but it works great as a bikini cover up too! 

[I should add that the key to making sure a drop waist dress like this looks good on you is that it shows a good amount of leg! And if you are less than 5'4" you should aim for a drop waist dress of less than 32".]
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Filippenka said...

So pretty!))

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Connie Tang said...

You look lovely in that lavender dress!!



Connie Tang said...

You look lovely in that lavender dress!!



Live-Style20 said...

nice pics;DDD

new post !!


Sara said...

Jessica, you look stunning! I love the lavender dress and it looks amazing with the pink bag! well put together outfit!


Živa said...

Oh so beautiful! <3 Love the sandals and the dress is great too, unfortunately these dropwaist styles don't look as good on me as they do on you! x

Ladies in Navy said...

what a beautiful dress!
kw ladies in navy

Sunny Cai said...

the outfit is sooo beautiful

pls check out my blog :)


Mesmo muito gira =)


Laura Girard said...

Nice dress !
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Love from Paris

Marta said...

Your dress looks really nice!

new post: Denim shorts with lace flower.

Lucy Mason said...

Beautiful look! Happy Birthday xx


Sasa Zoe said...



Emma said...

I think this lilac lavender color is gorgeous!

Sam said...

I love the color of your dress, but I love your heels more! They are so eye catching but still pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit! Looking forward to see more cutesy stuff on you :) I absolutely love this colour <3

Linda B said...

Oh wow, this is really pretty Jess! Love that floral bottom half of your heel, it adds such a fantastic detail to your stunning shoes :)

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Joana Teixeira said...

amazing dress! the color is so beautiful

With Love, J said...

Love the dress an the pink backpack


Jane said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been following your Lookbook and blog for some time and I admire your unique style a lot! You also have really flawless and healthy skin and physique. How did you achieve and maintain your lovely skin and figure?


Yuen Lim said...

Love this look! Very flirty and feminine (:

I especially love your selection of jewellery (:

The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

Birdie Liau said...

Lovely outfit (: , I love the purple color it really look so nice on you. xx


MissObviously said...

Hi Jessica,

First off I'd like to say I admire your fashion style a lot and you're something of a fashion inspiration for me :D

Looking through your lookbook I notice you have many different styles of dress, from punky to casual to feminine... and you rock them all really really well! Does this variety of looks portray your fashion style in real life as well or do you mainly stick to one style? Lately I've been having troubles with what is apparently called "Multiple Fashion Personas"... I like so many different styles but I feel like I'm not cohesive enough and that I should pick one style and stick to it. Being a high schooler it's been a little troubling for me...

What are your thoughts and/or advice on this? You seem to be doing fine with multiple fashion styles, so I'm wondering if I should stick with my ambiguity or stick with one unfaltering style?

Thank you so much!

A fellow hapa...

Sophia Sanchez said...

Love your look! Indeed, it's very playful and feminine! Belated happy birthday! :)


Annie said...


Lubka Christova said...

Very pretty summer look! I love floaty dresses and these floral block heels are gorgeous! :))


Ola Herman said...

Love these photos and everything in all!!!
And your outfit is super amazing!!!

Naomi said...

I'm still afraid of drop waists because I have big hips. It looks wonderful on you! Love your shoes too~

The Occasional Indulgence

Laura - Relatively Offbeat said...

So pretty in purple!

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MJ Roldan said...

so pretty jess... belated happy birthday


StyleGodis said...

fun and bright! Love it!

xx, StyleGodis.com

Mei Fleming said...

Pink and purple. You wear it so well! Love the unexpected shoes!!

Check out my fashion blog when you get a chance.



Designer Style Handbags said...

Great colors, love the look.

Veri said...

Amazing dress!

Mónica López Gutierrez said...

lovely dress!

Arra A. said...

Such a cute dress and I love your bag!

Style Reader

class d amplifier ic said...

Love your dress. Never realised that colour of lavender can give such a lovely and classy look. You look great.

Carmen Pastor said...



foreveranguyen said...

This is one of my favorite outfits that you have posted! Love the sweet lavender dress and all your beachy accessories! Love it!


StyleGodis said...

The combination of the two pastels is so unique and pretty!


Ella Ava said...

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