Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Easy Back to School Style

American Eagle tankplaid shirt and shorts, Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume, Made in LA leather braceletsAldo backpack [Similar 1, 2, 3], Aldo booties [Flat versions I love too: 1, 2, 3

It's that time again! For all of my lovely readers getting ready for the new school year/semester/quarter - are you guys ready?? I actually graduated with my Bachelors degree 3 years ago :) But I remember always wanting to go back to school looking my best. While of course still keeping good grades in mind! 

Did you guys know that a large part of our brains associate memories with scents and smells? You can read about it here :) One of my favorite things to pick up on my typical back to school haul was always a new perfume to associate with the upcoming experiences. I'm currently in love with the new Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume - it is sweet but fresh, feminine and romantic too. And it would be a great signature scent for the upcoming school year.

Now it is an excellent idea to invest in a fab pair of ankle booties you can live in no matter if it's warm or cold! (I know a lot of girls don't wear heels to school so I linked to some other great options for you above.) Plaid shirts are all the rage this fall and looks great tied around your waist for a fun touch too. I also got a faux leather backpack which I feel is a little edgier than the average backpack! This is honestly my favorite default look, comfy, trendy, practical and a little bit cool. And I smell good too ;)

Photos by Samuel Alberti

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Samantha Mariko said...

Perfect for back to school! I'm very curious as to what the Vera Wang smells like!<3


Niki said...

I love the colours in this! Perfect for back to school. Those boots are adorable, I need to get a pair!


Emma said...

I love tying my flannels around my waist. I really want to try that new Vera Wang perfume, the bottle is so adorable


Laura Girard said...

Nice ! Love your plaid shirt !
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vanessa mensah said...

love the backpack and the ankle boots! can't believe how quickly the summer is going, not ready to go back to school!


Adam said...

looks wonderful

Connie Tang said...

super cute!!

xo, Connie

Dahye said...



Linda B said...

I want to go and sample this perfume now...aha, that glittery bottle has already half sold me on it!
Love the ankle booties too, I love a little heel. :)

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Live-Style20 said...

awesome!! ;-)


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Monika Basiaga said...

Love your boots :)

Iga said...

Beautiful photos! Love your casual look :)


Lisa said...

This is a super cute outfit!

The Lovely Memoir

vaneshion said...

WoW! You look gorgeous, love your outfit <3!

xx, Vanessa

Elizabeth Exposito said...

Love this look! Especially those boots! I've been wearing Vera Wang Princess for YEARS and I love it! I'm sure her other scent is amazing as well.


Mónica :) said...

Love your back-to-school look, as you said, the detail of the shirt around your waist is so original and fun (:
kisses! xxxx

<3, lookatmonica.blogspot.com


These boots are to die for! love love love the outfit.


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Ladies in Navy said...

gorgeous boots!
kw, ladies in navy

Tabet said...

sweet pics and a great style. Looks amazing!


Maria Mourao said...

I like this Jessica <3


Sasa Zoe said...



Laura C. said...

love your look <3

Aleksandra said...

love it ! :)

Cinta Carnelian said...

Wow great casual style for Back to School! Love it.. ad\nd I love the Vera Wang too!!

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Birdie Liau said...

I love your tank top (: it's so pretty! x


Hana Aljoofri said...

that is such a cool photo where you spray the photo! And you look beautiful as always!


Mei Fleming said...

I like your sexy back to school look. Especially the booties!

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Sophia Sanchez said...

Awesome outfit! You look awesome! :)


GosiaAga Malin said...

I love it. such an amazing outfit! <3

Cynthia Mery said...

Love the picture of you spraying perfume on yourself. Such a cool shot.

Sophia said...

This looks like an ad for Vera Wang! Great photos! x

Stephen Dunlap said...
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