Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nasty Gal Giveaway! - CLOSED

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From left to right:

As you might know, Nasty Gal is one of my absolute favorite online shops. Well online or off actually. Their stuff is so edgy, unique, fun, on trend and sexy. When they asked me if I wanted to host a giveaway for them I nearly jumped out of my seat because I'd love to gift my readers with Nasty Gal gear! If all of you could win a prize, I would do it! But alas one VERY lucky entrant with win $150 store credit to the entire site :) Open internationally.

Follow the rules below:

2. Find your favorite item anywhere on the site and tell me in the comments along with your Bloglovin username and an email to contact you by.
Ends Sept. 19th at 11:59 pm (PT)

*UPDATE: Congrats to Katy Wong!

Good luck! xoxo



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Mi'chal Naidoo said...

I am from South Africa and absolutely love, love, LOVE your blog. You are so simple yet completely stylish! I'd love to be a winner of this amazing prize - my favourite look is the night fall dress, well simply because i've never seen a dress like that here in SA, and secondly i like the red jet romper1 I could definitely see myself wearing one of those! My user name for bloglovin is... well i dont know. lol, but my email is please also visit my blog here: Thanks :)

Denysia Yu said...

My favorite item is the Nasty Gal Fundamental Anorak!

Bloglovin username: Denysiayu

Eliana Borges said...

Hi Jessica :)
I'm a fashion lover from Portugal. I think that you have a netural beauty and your style mixed simplicity with modernity :)
My favourite piece is the red jet jumper because it's simple, beautiful, look confortable and I really really love the color! I think that it's a unice item and I could do many different outfits. My email is and my bloglovin username is Eliana Borges.
Thank you :)

Erika Batista said...
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Erika Batista said...

My bloglovin' name is lolabluethecloset - I am in complete love with the Dolce Vita Badia Silk Dress and the Nasty Gal Naomi Quilted skirt! I love it! Can't wait to know who won:) My email is

Rae Kim said...

I love the Lazy Oaf Pom Bomb Denim Shirt. So cute and fun!

following you on bloglovin!
username: raekim808

taletrader said...

I really like the Adele Spike Boot. Good deal on them, too!

BlogLovin: taletreader
e-mail: chelseawoodring at hotmail dot com

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Jess already follow you in Bloglovin my username in bloglovin is:



I hope be win!! Kisses

eileendovr said...

Love the Confidential Dress!
Already following on Bloglovin
Bloglovin username: eileendover24

Danielle Villano said...

Oh my gosh, how lovely! I'm already a follower on Bloglovin (Danielle Villano).
I adore the Draped Across Dress in Black!


anna said...

bloglovin: jinnie0803

I adore the True Romance Lace Top !

Anonymous said...

I admire you so much! I think you're inspiring just as much as you are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to win turn on the night top.
Bloglovin: Lauren miyeko

Chrissie said...
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Chrissie said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with the Nasty Gal Diamond Girl Romper!

bloglovin: chiisakute
email: chrissie_xoxo(at)


Pink and Green Mom said...

I follow via Bloglovin' (kendall608).
I love the Nasty Gal Juicy Fruit Tank and the Pretty Prowl flat!


Colleen Boudreau said...

Bloglovin: collifornia
Email: holliister at gmail dot com

I love the Helix Dress - Blue Sequin.

Connie Tang said...

Awesome giveaway!

I love their Soft Dip Dress, super cute!!

xo, Connie

bloglogin username: connnietang

Isabelle Huynh said...

Nasty Gal fav item: Shoe Cult Belen Platform Wedge - Black
Isabelle Huynh

Crystal Norman said...

Shoe Cult hard crush bootie and Your style is truly amazing!

Julie Huynh said...

My favorite NastyGal item is the Nasty Gal Transformer Moto Jacket. Super stylish! My blogger user name is juliesan and email address is Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

Crystal Norman said...

Bloggin user name is Jeansfanatic

Diane A said...

Already following you on bloglovin'
username: deevineanonyme

And I love this dress


geek2chic said...

loving the jet romper!

bloglovin: zeeyyoo

Naomi said...

Nasty Gal is growing on me because of you! I love the Captain's Cape, I can see why it's a most loved piece! I follow you on Bloglovin as Naomi A @ The Occasional Indulgence.

narehart22 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Occasional Indulgence

Ladies in Navy said...

i follow you and adore the adele spike boot!
kw, ladies in navy

grace said...

i love your blog! you inspire me to be daring with my fashion choices and wear everything with confidence. :)

my fave item on nasty gal is the: Evil Twin Filthy Habit Velvet Dress. i love playing with different textures and this dress and color is stunningggg.

username: XQRACEFUL

Dolly said...

I absolutely adore The Right Direction Dress. It looks amazing and definitely stands out with the stripes. :)

Username: sincerelydolly

Thank you! <3

Rawr said...

My favorite item is the shoe cult reaction bootie! They're so edgy and cute!

Username: lysale118

Linda B said...

This is so awesome! Definitely entering.
Been following you on Bloglovin for a while, and my username is: Linda Greaves
I really really love their Cobra Kimono along with most everything on the site. Haha, hope I win! This would be amazing *_*

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Linda B said...

Oh, AND my email is:

Christina Kas said...

Hello beautiful :) So sweet of you to be having a giveaway!

My bloglovin username is: OGstina

I am absolutely obsessed with the red jumper! SO SO LOVELY

michmelle said...

My favorite item is the Pyramid Crossbody Bag! I love Hapa Time, and I love Nasty Gal --
My username is michmelle; contact me at!

Becca Lee said...

I absolutely love your blog! I would have to say my favorite item is the black downtown parka.

My username is Rebecca Lanier and you can contact me at

Laura Girard said...

nice giveaway !
Love from Paris

Jessica Türpe said...

Hey :D I follow you via bloglovin as Jessica T. My fav item ist definitely the Sydney Shearling Anorak :D

xoxo Jess

lanie pregoner said...

Hi! :) I really love reading your blog post and thank you for this awesome giveaway! I love the Primal Pump from the Shoe Cult collecion ( I've never won any giveaways before, I'm hoping I'd get lucky this time :)

Lanie Pregoner
Bloglovin : Lanie Pregoner (

Michelle Ariza said...

I love this giveaway! Yay! Sooooo excited! ��I love the Coltrane boots from jeffrey campbell: ...... My blogloving is Michelle Ariza, and my e-mail is, besides all I think you are very pretty! ��


WK.NG ♥ said...

Nasty Gal is one of my favorite online shops! I wish I could enter but unfortunately I don't live in U.S :(
Good luck to everyone who is participating!

P.S. I think you would look great as a model for Nasty Gal. You definitely rock that edgy, unique look. :)

lilee101 said...

hey, i think your style is just fabulous

i think that this kimono will be great for the summer coming up

midnight flower kimono

username: lilee101


Maria Vick said...

I love the Romwe batwing studded cardigan! It is simple with an edge. You can wear it casual or a little dressed up and I love clothes that can go with multiple styles!

Username: MVick

Kendra said...

Love the Nasty Gal Lifetime of Nighttime Dress!
Bloglovin: kandidkendra

Lubka Christova said...

Wow! Thank you for such a great great giveaway! :))

There are stunning items on the NastyGal website - everything with its own prominent style. But my most favourite section is the SHOE part of the website. I love checking the #shoecult

My current most favourit item are these gorgeous booties:

I so much love the autumn season for the chances to wear all sorts of boots and this pair would be my fave! :))

Lu, xx

Sasa Zoe said...


Cheryl S Miles said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Love the Converge Combat Boot

Email: runcherylrun @ gmail . com

Charlotte K said...

I LOVE the Night Fall Dress. I follow you on bloglovin and my username is Charlett.

Charlotte K said...

I LOVE the Night Fall Dress. I follow you on bloglovin and my username is Charlett. And my email is:

JúliaGuiomar said...

Hey, I love your blog and your style, you're unique, very original and really beautiful :)
My favourite piece is Hidden Shadows Jacket because it's very versatile, so I could wear it in some Autumn afternoons or in a sunny Winter day.
My email is and my bloglovin username is Júlia Guiomar.

jenny87le said...

Beauty and others said...

Is this open to international followers?
Thank you!

Michelle said...

My favorite item is the True Romance Lace Top! (:

Bloglovin username: shellez

Carolina Guiomar said...

Hi, I'm from Portugal and I love, love your blog. My favourite piece is Solstice Crop Knit - Orange because I can use it on cold winter days without looking sad and colorless. Bye ;)

Saiwai Crafts said...

Love the Capture Dress!!
bloglovin: saiwaiblogs

Cece said...
cecekblogger at g
There is some pretty risque stuff in there. Hence the name! I really like the Speed of Life Cardi. Totally not nasty but I like it.

Aurelie Red said...

Awesome giveway !
I really like these choses (the color ! wow !)
Bloglovin : AurelieRed
Email : redaurelie(at)gmail(dot)com

Kam said...

The nightfall dress in red is my favorite
Bloglovin: bluelove

Claire Bang said...

I really love the For Love & Lemons Kiss Me Dress in Ivory :)
username: clairebangbang

Mei Fleming said...

What a great giveaway!! LOVE nasty gal!!!!
Their stuff is so sassy!


Alina Conn said...

Love, love, LOVE THIS Giveaway! My favorite item from Nasty Gal would have to be the Nasty Gal Quilted Leather Moto Jacket. Stunning!!!

Bloglovin' username: apicazo

Sean C said...

The Turn It Loose Top in Gray is gorgeous! My Bloglovin' username: connsean My email:

Kelly Todani said...

Hi Jessica!

My favorite Nasty Gal item is the Nasty Gal Opposite Way Dress. I'm in love with the cutout/cropped look! I live in Seattle for school but I'm originally from Honolulu. I followed you because you are a hapa (although I am not one of them) and understand the terminology! Thanks for posting this giveaway! :)

Bloglovin' username: kerikatx

Judie said...

I love your blog, and thank you soo much for hosting an awesome giveaway like this :D I love NastyGal, and it's so hard to choose a favorite, but one of my top favorite items from their site is the black Forks Platform Boot! My Bloglovin username is langelcyn, and my email is :) Thanks again and good luck to everyone out there~

Lisa Linh said...

Yay! I love NastyGal!!
BlogLovin' username is lisaalinh
Email is
I love the gorgeous Contessa Brocade Dress. It is the perfect dress for special occasions such as San Diego Fashion Week, which I'm attending. Would LOVE to be able to wear this there!!

Angelina Altobano said...

Bloglovin' username: sweetangelbaby

And I love the Tainted Love Skirt!

Geraldyne said...

I love the Shoe Cult Outlaw Buckled Boot!!
Bloglovin': Geraldyne

Thanks for the giveaway! ♥

Tammy Lee said...

I absolutely love all them! and Love your blog! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :) <3

My favorite is the red Jet Romper. My email is and my username is xtammyleex.

Eunice Kim said...

Hi Jessica.

I'm an aspiring fashion blogger that just hasn't had that motivational push to kick start my blog. I have the basics set up laid out, but need a sign to really get it going.

Winning this would prove to me that I really need to follow my passion and my dream. You're greatly inspiring, and I hope you pick me to win the giveaway.

The Nasty Gal piece I want sooooo badddlyyy is this:
Jeffrey Campbell Kaye Thigh High Boot
These are to DIEE FOR!!!

My Bloglovin username is: euniquekollection

Katefashon1210 said...
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Katefashon1210 said...

Wow! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
My bloglovin is Katefashon1210
I love the Shoe Cult Hard Crush Booties!:)

Anonymous said...

I love the Golden Age Knit!
SerikaFG :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the night fall dress!!


Jiamin Li said...

Hi, I love the wrecked cutoff shorts in dark blue! :)

bloglovin: purehaven

deeceegee said...

Bloglovin: desaria
dezerieg at yahoo dot come
I like the Make It Snappy Skirt

Georgina said...

I love the Dark Garden Dress!!
Bloglovin: GeorginaVN

Mamas secret said...

I would love this

bloglovin mamassecret


Elaine Chan said...

Bloglovin: diningonstyle

Even though summer is over here in NY, I still want the Cameo Save Me skirt.

Styleezta said...

bloglovin: stylista fitness

I love the Shoe Cult Wander Boot - Taupe!

Chesira Partidapizzini said...

I love Nasty Gal! My favorite is the BB Dakota Melinda Coat!

Gina Romero said...

Amazing giveaway! I love Nasty Gal too! Thank you Jessica!
Really hard to choose my favorite, I love everything... but the Dream Springs dress it's been in my shopping cart for a while hehe.

Bloglovin: GinaRomero

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite item is the shoe cult hard crush bootie!

Bloglovin: mishy187

julia wu said...

I love your blog! And I love Nastygal, so hoping that I win this giveaway hehe.

I think one of the ridiculously expensive but gorgeous pieces is the Ice Shearling Moto Jacket. Also the Blank NYC Bloom Pants are amazing
Bloglovn name: juliawooo

Joanna M said...

Nasty Gal Night Rush Jumpsuit!

Bloglovin: JoJo's Beauty Guide

sere said...

I love Motel Catalina Dress ! my name is Serena Lamattina and my email is

Vostra (Anna Wang) said...

Bloglovin: vostramur

My favorite item is the Spotted Crush Loafer -

Come on, LOOK at those adorable spots! How can one not be crazy for these shoes???? Also...I've been a fan of Nasty Gal for so long, I love how iconic their clothing is and the styling is excellent. They have such FUN with their designs..... <3

Swordlily said...

I love Shakuhachi Gypsy Rose Silk Maxi Dress! :)
bloglovin: swordlily

Maddie Chen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maddie Chen said...

I love the Nasty Gal Earth Angel Knit in Lilac!
bloglovin: maddiechen
P.S. I'm a hapa from Northern California, too! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, I really like your blog, keep up like this !
Then, my favorite item is the Black Downtown Parka, it looks so cool and comfy ! =)
Finally, my bloglovin username is Lorallure and my email adress is
Hope to have a bit of luck and thank's for this great giveaway !

tylerkilledlove said...

I love the Nasty Gal Kitty Corner Sweater!
email: monicamezaa(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks so much! xo

Sandy said...

Bloglovin: yeonie
My favorite item is MinkPink Dad's Army Anorak.

Allison said...

Just fell in love with the Lazy Oaf Lovergirl Bodysuit!

Username: Allisonm222

Katelin said...

Hi Jessica!

My favorite Nasty Gal item is the Hell Cat Blouse. I love animal prints with the cut !

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

Bloglovin' username: TheLuckyKat

Katelin said...

Hi Jessica!

My favorite Nasty Gal item is the Hell Cat Blouse. I love animal prints with the cut !

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

Bloglovin' username: TheLuckyKat

Vivian Vu said...

Hi Jessica!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and your style!! <3

I really like the Three Floor Metal Moves Dress on Nasty Gal!

Username: vivu22

Janine Markham said...

Zomg! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks! I die over the Kitty Corner Sweater. So cozy and comfy!

bloglovin': j9markham

Jezmin said...

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I absolutely adore your blog and Nasty Gal too. I'm really loving the Tripp NYC Brix Overalls! :)
Bloglovin' username: Jezmin

Winnie Tsai said...

I love the Heat Goes On Dress!


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Dying over the silver switch bootie! Fabulous!

Awesome giveaway! I'm a TOTAL NastyGal hun! *crossing fingers*!

Bloglovin: Julie Khuu

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Marija Nagulic said...


Jasmine Thomas said...

Thank you for the chance! My favorite item is the UNIF Cake Rainbow Cardi!

Bloglovin' Username: electronicastar


Danita Brooks said...


Favorite Item: One Teaspoon White Out Awesome Skinny Jeans

Bloglovin Username: dani770


MarianneIssaElKhoury said...

Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway with Nasty Gal! We all really appreciate it and pretty much hope to win.

If I had to choose one of my favourite piece of clothing from Nasty Gal it would be:
"Prepster Cardi - Olive"
it's a cute, classic and very flexible piece of clothing that can be easily mixed or matched to an outfit.

Thanks! And crossing my fingers ;)

username: marianneissaelkhoury

MarianneIssaElKhoury said...

Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway with Nasty Gal! We all really appreciate it and pretty much hope to win.

If I had to choose one of my favourite piece of clothing from Nasty Gal it would be:
"Prepster Cardi - Olive"
it's a cute, classic and very flexible piece of clothing that can be easily mixed or matched to an outfit.

Thanks! And crossing my fingers ;)

username: marianneissaelkhoury

BlackAsphodel said...

My favorite item is the UNIF Hellbound Platform Boot.

Bloglovin: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

Sixth Tractate said...

YAY!!! Awesome giveaway!!!

I'm already following you on Bloglovin' (username Sixth Tractate, email

I LOVE this sexy dress:

Thank you for hosting!!! :)

Bella Mosqueda said...


hope I win :)

Katherine said...

It is so hard to choose just one thing, because there's so much cute stuff! Some of my favorites are the the Marble Dip Knit, Painted Glass Kimono, the Shoe Cult Echelon platform pump, BB Dakota Davina Coat, Ladakh Speed of Life Cardi (I have a vest from Ladakh and it's my absolute favorite thing ever), the Paragon maxi dress, and the Shoe Cult Havoc ankle boot... ugh, I want like, half of the website in my closet NOW! xD

I actually found your site on BlogLovin' today, so I'm a follower - my username is scarletprophesy.

Email is

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

awkwardwanderer said...

Hi! :) I'm a lover of sweaters, so the moment I saw "Nasty Gal Melted Rainbow Knit", I fell in love. I really did. <3 :)

bloglovin' username: awkwardwanderer/

e-mail address:

Thank you for giving us this chance to win. :)

Sandy Ryan G said...

Definitely loving the "Motel Jet Romper" in black..

Username: sandyryang


Emily Rose said...

I'm so loving the Shoe Cult Hell Cat Sneaker and the Shoe Cult Zealand Sandal (in all the colours). So cute. Also the Body Builder mascara (because I've run out of my mascara) and the Pop Life bag. Uh, so I'm in love with this store...

Bloglovin: emilysparrow

Thanks so much!

Kelly Commerford said...

Sweet giveaway! Thanks!

Bloglovin: Kelly Commerford
Email: kcthelush@yahoo(dot)com

Favorite Item: Faye Colorblock pump in Black.

melissa cushing said...

I already follow u on Bloglovin.... love your site and I joined "the cult"! :) Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!!!

Bloglovin: Melissa Cushing, Deliciously Savvy
I would love,
After Party Smitten Boyfriend Jeans

Honestly, there is A LOT that I like..... but loved those!

melissa cushing said...

Ummmmmm... forgot to leave my email address for you....
Bloglovin Name: Melissa Cushing, Deliciously Savvy blog

LOVE the After Party Smitten Boyfriend Jeans!!!

Familyof5 said...

Bloglovin: Lucy Nguyen

Favorite item: Shoe Cult Outlaw Buckled Boot
Thanks for the giveaway

Lola V said...

one of my favs:

lolavv is my bloglovin username

j said...

♥ ♥ ♥ Fave item: Remix chain necklace

Username: aubemade

Just happened to stumble on your site via instagram - love it!

Simply Sabrina said...

My bloglovin username is snooruddin!

I love this dress, perfect winter date night dress <3

Samantha Nie said...

Hi Jessica!

My favorite item from Nasty Gal is the Naomi quilted skirt: It's so versatile, and can be worn from summer into the winter!

My username on bloglovin' is Starring Samantha, and my email is


Genezze Clyde T. Lata said...

Hi Jessica! Clyde here. truly a fan of your style :) Every stuff at Nasty Gal makes a lady stand out and also their models, but i guess my favorite one or what really caught my eye is the Contessa Brocade Dress. Its an elegant, sexy, trendy dress. A perfect gift for my 18th birthday :)
My Bloglovin username and an email is the same.

stefanie gladden said...

I love the Confidential Dress-
I think it's so pretty!

bl - stefaniegladden


Michele l said...

downtow parka ruffis54

Harakun said...

I've been followin you on Bloglovin as Patrycja Dziubek (username - bedivere), my fav item is this awesome dress

Good luck everyone!

emi san diego said...

my favorite:
Shoe Cult Reaction Bootie

my bloglovin' name: emisandiego

my email:


Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! 2 of my fravoriate! you and Nasty girl. i been following you both for awhile now.

i would love to win the Shoe Cult Hard Crush Bootie from Nasty girl. <3

my bloglovin name: icyalicia

:) thank you

Anonymous said...

thr nasty gal french love dress! my bloglovin name is nikki bowling and email is

Jeanette Galindo said...

bloglove name is jeanette galindo

favorite item at nasty gal is the french love dress


kagsie said...

My bloglovin' username is kimtam.

I absoutely adore the Under Wraps Bustier in white or black!

Jaydee said...

Jessica, you're such a cutie! I love your sense of fashion; you always look well put together. My favorite item is the Fundamental Anorak Jacket.

Kaydee said...

Jessica, I recently found out about your blog through instagram. I love your style; it seems effortless, yet so well put together.

username: Kaydee
favorite item:Cambridge knit sweater(in camel)

Mer said...

I'm Merry Reads on BL and I LOVE this dress:

dancingcelt at gmail dot com

Cindy said...

LOVE the Daisy Field Shorts. So versatile! :)

Bloglovin- clsyup
Email- c1nl33(at)gmail(dot)com

Rashmi Nair said...

firstly...your blog.. is super awesome!
i absolutely love the Nasty Gal French Love Dress.. so pretty and soo sexy! ;)
username- rashnair

Lynn said...

the outlaw buckle boot is amazing!!
BL /lynnb83

thank you for the giveaway!!

lanie pregoner said...

Hi! Thanks for making this an international giveaway :) So sweet of you. I absolutely love your blog and been following you through bloglovin! I like the Shoe Cult Jet Mesh Pump from their shoe cult collection.

Lanie Pregoner
Bloglovin: Lanie Pregoner (

swaggy maggy said...

wow amazing giveaway
i love
bloglovin is the same email as above

Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for a long time now and really admire your style!

My favorite item would have to be the Nymph Studded Sandals in white. They would look great with anything! I live in a tropical country so it is perfect.

Bloglovin: Rayann C

Anonymous said...

Sorry, got confused about my username! Im the one who commented above.
Bloglovin: rspectrum

xx Rayann C

silliedee said...

I love your blog and fashion style. It was great to see you take a vacation to the islands with your family and have a great time! I love the Shoe Cult Luxe Pump - Blush. Such a great color to go with everything!
Bloglovin name: silliedee

Thanks for the giveaway! - Diana

Kat Valdez said...

This has got to be my favorite item

Bloglovin name:

E-mail :)

Kat Valdez said...

This has got to be my favorite item

Bloglovin name:

E-mail :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite item is Donna Jumpsuit - Red
Bloglovin name: ivy94

Shadi said...

I like Back Off Velvet Dress and Shoe Cult Vanish Sandal.

my user name is :shadia

email address is

Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Jessi Nutile said...

Thank you for the giveaway! I love the Laser Beam Earrings!
Bloglovin: Jessi Nutile

Naama A said...

great giveaway! I'm im!
Naama A
nam12 [at]

toyboxbychristina said...

I love your style and your looks, been following you on lb :) It is really hard to choose a certain item from Nasty Gal, but I would say Lita Platform Boot - Cosmic, since it caught my eye some days ago! It is so unique, a bit of crazy which could be worn in such a chic way with similar leggings and black top and Cardigan combined with a nice hairband <3

bloglovin' :



S. said...

Great giveaway!
My favorite item is: Shoe Cult Vicious Chained Bootie

I'm following you on bloglovin!
Username: Saša Rakovec

Anonymous said...

My favorite item is the Nasty Gal Cat Fight Skater Dress.

My bloglovin username is majjst.

Thanks for this awesome giveaway :D

Angelica Lainis said...

I'm loving these cut-out ankle boots. I've seen so many bloggers wearing them and I'm so in love. I wish I could get a pair of my own!

Bloglovin name: Angelica Lainis/A Fine Fashion Frenzy

Patricia said...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I really love the Shoe Cult Sleater Moto Boot - Brown :)

Bloglovin name : Patricia Feitor

Anonymous said...

Dark rider leather jacket!!!

Amanda L said... this camo anorak is my fave!

I love your blog, you're so photogenic!

Bloglovin name: Nails and Threads

Maxine Zhao said...

anything oil slick is automatically adored by me, but these heels are perfect from the point to the beautiful colour combinations!

thanks for this opportunity, i love your looks!


Anonymous said...

My favorite item would be the Rosie Cutout Combat Boot :D

bloglovin: bianxyyy

Kristine Berdin said...

hi jessica!im kristine from philippines!i ust wanna say that i really love your style and your fashion sense!it really caught my eyes and your so gorgeous too!by the way i love the night fall dress,its so classy and easy!i think it would fits me wearing that dress in celebrating our second anniversary with my boyfriend!and i think my boyfriend would love that dress!cause i wanted to look simple but sexy and classy on that the way ive been cpying and printing your pictures from your blog and chictopia, im thinking of posting it in my room so that i could easily see and chooose the styles that i wanted to have on my everyday life!thank you for inspiring me.keep on rockin!

Vasilica Badea said...

My favorite item:

Bloglovin username: Vasilica Badea

angelnuneo ♥ said...

my fave :

bloglovin user : angelnuneo

mail :

Jean Candice Yu said...




Jean Candice Yu
Anything Goes by Jean Yu

Lindsay said...

My favorite:

Bloglovin Username: linzeliz


Beauty and others said...

My fav item:

Bloglovin name: Nicoleta Alexandra


Kori Stiles said...

Absolutely love everything but the shoe cult hell cat sneaker is to die for !! :)

bloglovin:Kori Stiles

Curly Chic said...

Love Nasty Gal and you! Great combo!
Bloglovin: curlychic

xxcaligirlxx said...

You're amazing and beautiful!

One of my favorite items on your site is the Romwe batwing studded cardigan.

Bloglovin username: xcaligirlx

Susie J said...

The studded ankle boots!

Blog loving email:

Lisa said...

My favorite item is Shoe Cult Flux Buckled Boot!

Bloglovin: lisalove107

Leticia Oliveira said...

Looooovely Bomb Denim Shirt
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suzaie said...

Hello jessica, thank you for the giveaway :D I absolutely love nastygal aswell ^^

Fav item: warpaint dress
Bloglovin: suzaie

wtf? said...

my fav item:

bloglovin name:wantthefashion

Tara Daigle said...

I have been drooling over the Shoe cult Reaction Bootie in Blue since it came out!

Bloglovin': Tara Daigle

Hana S said...

My favorite item is the Escape Artist Dress!

bloglovin: hanastein

Ashley said...

Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, I'm really excited about it ♥ ♥ Okay it was really hard to pick just one thing on their website but I really like this I've been obsessed with these lately and I've been wanted to get the floral ones from F21 as well.

Bloglovin username: stunnur

Thank you so much again and I'm really really excited! ♥

Suzanne said...

I am currently so infatuated with the Sweet Nothing's dress (, I love the contrast between the blush pink flirty skirt and the black top. Just beautiful.

bloglovin username: 29s

♥ Suzanne

Rebecca Jansen said...

I loooove the Shakuhachi Python Crop Top!

Bloglovin: rebeccajansen

Aissa Limerick said...

Hi Jessica, my name is Aissa and I am a college student at Berkeley. My favorite piece would be the "Daily Lace Top" from your post in Pink Pops. It was really hard to decide my favorite between this top and the fringe cardigan in

USERNAME: aissatyrese
contact email:

thank you for taking your time to consider me.

Ana Isabel Penate said...

Hey pretty!!! As your fellow Cali girl I love ur style & blog!! Keep up the great work :)

I am totally diggin Nasty Gal's Incognito Anorak in Olive- I think we can both agree this closet staple is the epitome of California Cool :)

Thank u for this great opportunity & congrats on your accomplishments!! You definitely have one of the best blogs around.

Bloglovin username: Anabel Penate

rita said...

Thank you for the giveaway :)
Fav item: shoe cult flux buckled boot

Linn said...

Thank you for the lovley giveaway!
My favourite item is the "close friends" dress.

Bloglovin username: Linn

Lexi Tiutan said...

I love the Jet Romper-Red! So chic!

Following you on bloglovin :)

Susu said...

My favorite item is the Reverse Sweet Ties Peplum Top!

Bloglovin username: muspance

axl963 said...

hi Jessica, Love your style. I love the blue sequin dress

My user name in bloglovin is axl963 my email is


AB said...

I love love love the Marti Cap Loafer!! It's just so cute!! <3

bloglovin: AleaB

Annrian Lee Santos said...

I love Nasty Gal peplum bandage dress in black! Been eyeing it for so long.

Bloglovin username: annls384

Amanda Kim said...

I love all your posts and follow you religiously on Instagram! Your fashion sense is simplistic yet always fabulous :)

My favorite current item from Nasty Gal is the: Nasty Gal Tempt Darkness Dress

BlogLovin username: Amandakim


Thanks for the great giveaway!!

catarina santos said...

Hi :) love the fact that you're giving your readers an oportunity to wear nasty gal! My bloglovin is "aprilinparis" my favorite item is the "peplum skinny pant" in black and my email is good luck to all your readers!

Xx Catarina

Ruyi said...

Hi Jessica! I love your blog! Thanks for doing this giveaway (:

bloglovin: iamruyiful

I am absolutely obsessed with summer night secrets dress!

MEiRi said...

My favorite item is the Loyal Chambray Anorak (

Bloglovin username: meiliwu

Nhi Ha said...

The Ivory Tied Crochet Dress is my favourite item on Nasty Gal.
The design is simple yet elegant and clean. The back is gorgeously adorable.

Have an awesome day!

BlogLovin Username : hhina

Anonymous said...

My favorite item on Nasty Gal would definitely have to be the Ella Pump in Lavender! The style and color are lovely and super vintage chic.

My username on bloglovin is Retro Beth

My e-mail is

Crossing my fingers!
Love your blog and instagram btw!

Jyotsna Shankar said...

My favorite item is this little white dress called Nasty Gal Helix Dress - White (

Bloglovin name : Jyotsna
email :

Beth said...


My favorite item on Nasty Gal would definitely have to be the Ella Pump in Lavender! Its style and color are ravishing and super vintage chic!

My username on bloglovin is BashfulBeth

My email is

Crossing my fingers!!
Love your blog and instagram btw! :)

E said...

nasty gal opposite way dress

bloglovin: elixsprite (

yohohani said...

Oo yay! ^^ I'm following you on bloglovin already, my username is: yohanicat
It was hard choosing but I think my favorite item is ! It's so pretty! I've never owned a dress where the top half is see through and probably wouldn't usually pick a dress like that, but after seeing this one I instantly changed my mind because it's just so unique and lovely. ;w;

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love your blog and good luck to everyone! My email is

ashgal25 said...

my bloglovin name is : ashgal25
I'm totally in love with the Red Jet Romper Dress. It's so cutee!

Helen said...

My favorite is the Nasty Gal In Your Dreams Skirt in Blush! :)

My Username: Helentlu

Thanks so much!! I LOVE HAPATIME :):)

Justine said...

my favorite item on the nastygal website is the crossed out crop top. it's so cute! my bloglovin' username is oohlalaitsjustine & my email address is (:

Katy Wong said...

Hi Jessica! I would love to win this giveaway! Currently in love with the Midnight Hour Romper. It's definitely something I can dress up or down with.
I look to you to inspire new pieces in my wardrobe and i especially love your cali mix! from prints to stripes and color blocking to that beachy feel, you encourage me to explore different parts of my personality through fashion - i love you! please keep blogging <3

Midnight Hour Romper <3

best, Katy

Tina Do said...

My favorite NastyGal item is the Close Ranks Anorak because it's the perfect fall piece!

My bloglovin username is: styledough

My e-mail in which you can contact me by is

Thank you again! (:

Linda said...

My favorite item is the Night Fall Dress because you can dress that up or down!

My bloglovin username is just Linda Ching

My email is:

Thank youuuu <3

Ashley T said...

Hey Jessica!

My favorite item from Nasty Gal is the "Nasty Gal Bardot Peplum Dress - Black."

This dress is so classy and elegant, but the cut-outs in the back gives it a modern edge. Also, this dress is so versatile in that it can be worn as a casual dress, going-out dress, or a special-occasion dress, depending on how you accessorize and which shoes you decide to wear.

Usename: ashlerie
Dress Link:

<3 Ashley

Eva Rizza Racho said...

Loving the Nasty Gal Metal Future Dress ♥ :) this dress is sooo edgy!

dress link:

Username: Eva Rizza Racho
E-mail Address:

My fingers are forever crossed! Well, until the winner is announced that is! :)

Phoebe S said...

My favourite item is the Shadow Dreams Dress!

Bloglovin: phoebesun

Anna said...

Hi Jessica! This is such an awesome giveaway. My favorite item is this red statement dress:

I've heard really good reviews about Nasty Gal and would love to shop there, but unfortunately it's more than I can afford. But you have made the Nasty Gal clothes look fabulous throughout your blog! My favorite is the black criss cross crop top.

My email:

I'm following you on bloglovin with my account:

I'm also following you on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr! Can't get enough of your great fashion sense. Hope I have the chance to win this giveaway. I've never been so excited for any giveaway as much as this one! Thanks for the opportunity.

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