#LIVINGGRAND with Grand Hyatt SF - Hapa Time

#LIVINGGRAND with Grand Hyatt SF

Saturday, February 28, 2015

work outfit
Waking up to an amazing view from a Grand Club room on the 31st floor. It was the first morning back in California after NYFW! pink lace skirt
Ordered a huge breakfast from my room! Everything tasted so delicious! office outfit
Around 5 PM I started getting ready when my sister came over after work. office outfit
Right photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
We started the evening off right with one of my favorite dishes: shumai!! (Chinese dumplings dipped in sauce). work outfit
Photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
My very own Chinese dragon :) spring office outfit
Photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
The stunning dining room - everyone just stopped to stare in awe! office outfit
Photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
Loved the table decor.pink lace skirt
#LIVINGGRAND gray suit jacket
Photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
Starter dishes - the tofu with seaweed salad was incredible. pink lace skirt
Main entree of duck and shrimp! gray suit jacket
Left photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
pink lace skirt
Beautiful drinks setup. pink lace skirt
Photo credit: Sterling Silvy 
With my sister Jasmine :) pink lace skirt
After dinner we were lead to the penthouse where they had tea, goodie bags and sweet treats. spring office outfit The view from the Presidential Suite (34th floor) was simply perfect. spring office outfit Cheers to a wonderful night and happy Chinese New Year!

About a week ago I was so lucky to be able to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my sister at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. I flew in the previous night from a wild NYFW straight to a glam dinner at one of the most prestigious hotels in SF - now if that isn't #LIVINGGRAND already! They set me up in one of their most luxurious rooms with a view of nearly the whole city. In the evening my sister came over and we got ready together for the dinner party. 

They created one of the most unique experiences with splendid decorations, a totally wild dragon (there was a fortune teller and harp player as well), and truly scrumptious food. I wore a Keepsake the Label dress from DailyLook which you can get here. I met some wonderful people and wish I could go back and live through it all again and again. You can also see a short video recapturing some of the night here!

If you are looking for a hotel to stay at or to host your event (they are right next to Union Square too!), I can assure you the Grand Hyatt SF knows how to do it right. 

Have a great weekend ladies and gents!


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  1. OMG. I freaking love everything about this post. What a beautiful hotel! The food looks to die for. But most importantly, that gown! SO obsessed with the pattern and sheerness! <3

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Oh wow!! You're a lucky girl! This was def. a treatment for a princess!! :) I love Asian food and dumplings and dim sum are my weakness! :D


  3. Your dress is gorgeous, Jessica! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu


  4. You look great. The hotel looks amazing and the food soo delicious :)

    Love, Brini

  5. Nice photos! You looked beautiful in this amazing dress :) Btw, yummy breakfast!

  6. Can we know what makeup you're wearing? =) You look gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous dress and beautiful pics!! Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone

  8. The dining room display is absolutely stunning! You look so beautiful in the long black dress too!


  9. It seems like you really had fun with your sister there. Well, there's no reason not to have fun in a place like that, right? Nice place! And the foods look yummy :)

    The Girl Behind the Pen

  10. Nice post and photos and your dress looks amazing!


  11. cute ;-)

    new post


  12. Amazing photos! :) That red lipstick really suits you :)
    Fashion Passion by Erika

  13. The hotel looks so amazing! And you and your sister are both so beautiful. I am speechless!


  14. Beautiful view both with the room and at dinner! Your dress is amazing as well! Thanks for sharing!

  15. You look so gorgeous! Btw nice photos, I love all of your photos here. :)


  16. love your dress, so stunning!


  17. wow~~ So many declicious dishes. Love the Chinese dumplings. Love the stunning dinning room. Love the beautiful view through the window. And love you and your gorgeous dress.

  18. looks like amazing and grand event for sure!! love all the decorations, and you looked so glam! :)

  19. love that decor! looks amazing! great pictures:)


  20. I totally love the decor and food and view. Oh my.


  21. Wow your sister is so chic and beautiful!

  22. let me hop into that bed with you and make a movie.

  23. The food in those photos looks amazing, I am literally getting hungry right now.

  24. That huge comfy bed, the view and that breakfast ,wish I was there -paul


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