Friday, September 11, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Things To Do in Oahu

10. Go Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Photo Cred: Surf Shack Radio
9. Get Shave Ice (with ice cream!)
Photo Cred: Erica Woo

8. Eat at Marukame's Udon Shop
Photo Cred:
7. Explore North Shore
Photo Cred: GlobtrotterAlpha
6. Go on a Catamaran Cruise
Photo Cred:
5. Hangloose on Waikiki
Photo Cred:
4. Go Snorkeling
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3. Stroll Waimanolo Beach

2. Watch the Sunset

1. And of course, don't forget to relax on the beach!

Around 10 years ago, my family volunteered to be bumped off our flight during Christmas and in exchange we received airline credit. The credit was just enough to pay for our family to fly to Hawaii that summer, and so started an annual family tradition!

My family has been lucky enough to visit Hawaii many times over the last few years, so I decided to put together a list of just some of my favorite things to do while visiting. I hope you have the chance to visit beautiful Hawaii, and I hope you enjoy these activities (especially the food ones!) as much as I do!

What to pack:



  1. The shave ice with ice-cream will make such a perfect dessert for summer, look so delicious! Beautiful beach too!


  2. Aw, such good karma! Hawaii is so beautiful. I've only been there twice, but the snow cones are what I remember the most, besides the beach! Such a lovely tradition for your family :)

    xx, Diane ||

  3. my favorite thing to do on oahu is spending all night eating you out with the window open and your dress still on

  4. amazing pics!!!

  5. Such a great annual family trip! Looks so beautiful and laid back over there! We're actually considering Hawaii for the honeymoon, so I might have some questions 😃 . It's a bit far and pricey for us but hopefully we can make it work. Looks like you've done some great travelling recently. That's great! You deserve some relaxation and fun.

  6. Gorgeous photos. I like the ice cream


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