Sunday, November 29, 2015

In the Trenches

It's amazing how many places don't allow photography... we had just finished shooting when security told us we couldn't take pictures here. We left after that, and we were happy to have snuck in some photos in such a beautiful place.

Anyways the Pantheon of Paris is really gorgeous, but of course, every corner is just rich in history and stunning architecture. Across the street are a few schools and there is a big courtyard in which all the students sit and chat while they eat or smoke.

It was actually raining off and on and so that was why we chose to shoot at the Pantheon. My hair started to frizz out and I had to change into my backup converse for our walk back to the hotel. But seriously this trench is so snazzy, I think it can make any outfit so much cooler. It didn't keep me very warm but I'd say it's great for slightly breezy weather. (By the way, the zipper on my white top broke!)



Friday, November 27, 2015

Marshall's Beach

As a blogger on the go it is always important to combine not only aesthetic appeal but complete practicality. That is why I love my new EMU Australia Perisher boots which are totally waterproof and perfect for any day exploring at the beach or the upcoming rainy weather!Thanks to the durable rubber, even with chunky heels I was very comfortable hiking to Marshall's Beach this past weekend and also climbing around on the rocks. It was fun not worrying about the incoming waves which kept my sister running for safety every two minutes.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday Sales Roundup!

Eliza J Dress (similar one on sale for Black Friday)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I love Thanksgiving. Not only because of the turkey, honey roasted ham, stuffing, fresh rolls, and apple pie...but also for the Black Friday sales! Many retailers have started their online sales early this year, which means everyone has a head start on their gift shopping! Plus, there's no need to risk your life and go shopping in stores with all the madness on Black Friday (or camp out in line on Thanksgiving Day!).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Coconut Beauty

There is nothing like 100% pure coconut oil to transport you away to a beautiful, tropical destination. I've tried (and I'm sure you have too) coconut scented candles, lotions, hair products etc but it is just not the same. Today I want to introduce you guys to Kopari, a beauty line whose founder with origins right out of Honolulu, Hawaii. All Kopari products are sulfate, paraben, GMO, toxins and silicone free.

Kopari has four new products, of which my favorites are the Coconut Balm and Organic Coconut Melt! The coconut melt is amazing because it is so versatile. This one product can be used as a super moisturizing hair mask, body cream, bath soak, shaving cream, massage oil and even to prevent stretch marks! I've already been using it as a weekly hair mask and my ends are so much better! And I must say it has made an amazing back up when I ran out of my normal shaving cream which is probably full of chemicals! I love the coconut balm for on the go extreme moisturizing - it fits easily in my bag and has a very subtle scent so no one has been bothered when I've applied it in public.

I'm going to have to wait for warmer weather to really get a feel for the Coconut Body Glow since I don't feel the need for shimmery skin when I'm all covered up in layers. The Coconut Sheer Oil is more for those little nuisances like dry cuticles and fly-aways but you can also use it as an eye makeup remover or as a fast absorbing face moisturizer.

After only a few weeks of swapping out my normal bathroom products for Kopari, I've noticed my skin and hair looking so much more nourished and healthy. I can't wait to see what will happen from long term use.

Hope you guys love this post as much as I love these products!

10 Ways to Wear Boots This Season

Now that the weather has finally started to cool down in California, boots are a must-have! I've compiled some of my fall/winter outfits I've worn showcasing the best way to wear some of your favorite boots this season. And best of all, most of these items are on sale for Black Friday--including my favorite over-the-knee boots!

Ivanka Trump Boots (on sale for Black Friday) / Zara Coat (from previous season)
Charlotte Russe Booties (everything is $20 or less for Black Friday) / Charlotte Russe sweater / Charlotte Russe Jeans

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Olive You

I haven't worn a trench style coat in awhile so I thought this olive one from Chicwish would be a fun new addition to my closet. I combined it with soft blue and denim because I thought it would be a little more unique than just black which is probably my go-to color combo.

Anyways we shot this in Paris as the sun was setting. The weather was actually pretty nice but temps dropped so fast when the sun went down.


Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Combine Purple and Gray

Usually people match their bag to their shoes but in this case I wanted to match my shoes to my top :) Gray and purple is a unique/fun color combo compared to the typical gray/white/black combo which is more common. I love the touch of reptilian texture which makes the shoes stand out a bit more. The heel is low so they are more comfortable and better for work or walking.

I actually found these at DSW which has the biggest shoe selection, I seriously couldn't decide on just one pair so you can see the three other pairs they sent me below. All of them are comfortable and perfect for the cold upcoming months.



Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I love dresses, I can't deny it. I usually don't wear them for very long, especially the tight ones, but I do love the impact they can have. This LBD has the most perfect cut - the v cut at the top is just right as well as the thigh exposing cut. Charlotte Russe has a ton of LBDs for really great prices - the reality is we don't wear these kinds of dresses usually more than once or twice. Or maybe that's just me. But if you aren't going to wear something more than once or twice, why pay the big bucks? xoxo

Monday, November 16, 2015

Little Red Roses

What is happening in Paris is so sad I am going to hold off on my other Paris posts for awhile.

Here is a super cute skirt from Chicwish. I love the ruffle at the top which adds an extra girly touch. It looks best with a slim top tucked in rather than a crop top. In this look I am actually wearing a bodysuit which is the best kind of top that stays put :) As you all must have noticed by now I am really into midi skirts. They are super elegant but casual too.

Now I have a question for you guys about the appearance of these photos - I did some major color balance/levels/saturation on these because we were short on time and did not use the correct camera settings. I have three different devices I am viewing the post on and on two it looks how I edited it to look but on the third it is super blue and washed out. Please let me know how it looks to you guys!

Have an amazing day... xoxox

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cozy in Paris

Here is my second look from France, as the weather got rather cold this one day, I layered up with the thickest turtleneck and heavy coat. We shot in the Tuileries which is one of the most gorgeous gardens in Paris. The trees lined up with the gorgeous building in the back is so picturesque, I just want to thank the royal families of France for having extravagant and beautiful taste.

I felt polished but simultaneously cozy which is one of my favorite feelings (fashion-wise) during the colder months. Unfortunately my coat is from last year but I'll link to some similar versions below. The boots are on sale again though and they really are my favorite boots ever! Although when I wear these boots I actually have to wear leg warmers inside the calf area because my legs are so skinny. But that keeps my legs extra warm! Hope you guys love this look! xoxo


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mock it Up

Mock turtleneck dresses are so hot no matter what season. I especially like the slim fitting ones like this one but Charlotte Russe also has a loose shorter A-line style I really like. If you get the midi level one you really should wear pumps to elongate your legs since naturally midi cuts shorten the appearance of legs.

This is really just a sexy day time look for any occasion you want to look put together and probably won't be eating a large meal ;)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Soft Sweaters

Who doesn't appreciate a big comfy sweater on a cold day? I think cream paired with faded gray, black and burgundy is such a nice color palette for fall. And this sweater from Charlotte Russe really feels so expensive and deluxe. You could wear something like this for a lot of casual occasions but I wore it to the store for a little shopping and some hot chocolate after with a friend.

I'm back home and it is nice to be back but I will still be posting photos on Instagram @hapatime if you want to see more of Paris. The weather here in California is pretty much the same as Paris - cold and wet, though at least in Paris we had an occasional day of sun and clear skies! I can tell we are definitely entering winter already which makes me excited to plan some trips to winter wonderlands :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bonjour, Mon Amour

I am just in LOVE with Paris. Everywhere I look it is just beautiful, quaint and picturesque. There are cute cafes on every corner, flower shops, open displays of fruit and vegetables and the grocery stores. The people here are polite, easy going and kind. There are many tourists but during October and November it is not too busy.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday Look

Here is a designer head to toe look I snagged at Ross just in time for the holidays! My favorite pieces in this look are the rose gold Michael Kors bracelet and earrings! I found this gorgeous bracelet for about 70% off. Can you guess the brand of the dress and shoes? :)


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Introducing my furry little baby Mocha!! (She is actually 10 years old.) We went to the pumpkin patch together this past week and let me tell you, she got so excited! Honestly though I couldn't let her run around since they have rules but we had fun together anyways. 

I decided to wear something comfy and warm (and yes I intentionally matched her bow with my coat!) since it was a cool evening and these Steve Madden booties were perfect for the occasion. 
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