Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mock it Up

Mock turtleneck dresses are so hot no matter what season. I especially like the slim fitting ones like this one but Charlotte Russe also has a loose shorter A-line style I really like. If you get the midi level one you really should wear pumps to elongate your legs since naturally midi cuts shorten the appearance of legs.

This is really just a sexy day time look for any occasion you want to look put together and probably won't be eating a large meal ;)

Charlotte Russe Dress and Heels, Prada Bag, DKNY Watch


  1. Such a simple and minimalistic outfit, but absolutely TOP NOTCH one!

  2. Girl you are slaying! #StyleCrush all day everyday..xx

  3. You are so well in shape - this is definitely the perfect dress for you!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Beautiful, classy and classic outfit.
    Love it! :))

  5. The dress is literally perfect, the cut and colour are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. so pretty ;-))

    i invite to me too

  7. I love your dress <3 | join worldwide giveaway

  8. La classe incarnée ! super look

  9. love this look =)

  10. High-low at it's best. You took two really inexpensive pieces and paired them with a very chic & sophisticated high-end piece. Great styling. Not to mention you make this dress look great. You have to have curves to wear it. I love it on you.

  11. Beautiful!
    I like your looks, I am not so chic as you but I always got inspired by your outfits.
    Check my Blog below :)
    Miss Paho

  12. the dress fits you well !!

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  13. I love this dress!! Classy, but still sexy. I think that's why I love the mock neck trend so much.


  14. You look stunning in that dress.. such an amazing figure! :)

    Love the heels too! :D

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