Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prynt: How to Print Photos Straight Off Your Phone

You guys won't believe how cool this is! I got a Prynt Case which prints photos directly from my phone! All I do is charge the Prynt Case, make sure their special paper is inside the case, insert the phone into the case and log in to the Prynt app on my phone! From there I can either find a photo I already have or take a new one, and then the magic happens – I record a short video, and it ‘lives’ inside the photo. Anyone can point their phone screen at the physical photo and the video comes to life, overlaid right on the photo (think Harry Potter). It's so easy and fun to use when you are out and about!

The printed photos are great quality and also work as stickers too. Each time the Prynt Case is fully charged it lasts for 20 prints. I've already printed out photos of my dog, from my vacations, family and friends! You can put photos on your binders, lockers, wallets, etc! I think it would make an amazing gift and hey Christmas is right around the corner. Just make sure you order before December 17th so it arrives in time :)



  1. Your dog is so cute! Thanks for sharing this...I'd love to be able to print photos directly off my phone. How awesome is that? :)

    xo Azu


  2. Ahhh this is so smart! I'm totally putting it on my Christmas wish list! <3


  3. Such a cool idea, and the video-in-photo thing sounds so creative!


  4. Beautiful pictures!


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