Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Revitalizer: Smoother and Softer Skin in One Week

I've recently had the opportunity to try out The Revitalizer from Biossance. Essentially it is 100% Squalane, an Omega 2 oil our bodies naturally produce until our early 20's. You can get a 1.7 oz bottle for $58 and since you hardly need more than a few drops per use, I estimate it lasting me at least a couple months with daily use. I think it would make a wonderful gift for your best friend or mom or just anyone you know that cares about their skin. I also read that it helped a girl with bad eczema so I am going to get a bottle for one of my sisters!

The Revitalizer was actually just released this past summer and what it does is instantly hydrate and revitalize your skin while being fragrance free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended and most importantly for people like me - non-comedogenic! According to their clinical study, 100% plant derived Squalane increases cell turnover. 95% of their female testers reported softer skin after one week. I actually have very oily skin but at the same time I know that my skin over produces oil to compensate and by using the right oil/moisturizer, I lessen my own oil production and soothe my pores.

At the bottom of my post you can see my dry legs before and after The Revitalizer is applied. I think I'm going to save The Revitalizer for my face but thought that would be a great way to show an immediate effect since my legs were dry after my shower.

Hope you guys found this post useful and give it a try!



  1. I didn't hear about this product before but looks nice! :)
    Great photos!

  2. I've seen and heard about this product already, it sounds and looks promising, so I'll def. give it a try!

  3. Didn't know about this product before but it sounds amazing! =D

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  4. so pretty :-)


    invite to me too

  5. Your'e so pretty Hapa! Your'e PJ's are so cute! <3

  6. Thanks for sharing this product! I will definitely try it.

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  7. Love the sleek packaging of this product and it does sound like having great moisturizing properties! Thanks for sharing!


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