Friday, March 11, 2016

Curl With the Whirl

Today I want to show you two looks I created with my new T3 interchangeable styling wands! I’ll be using the 1.25” clip barrel for my first look and the 1” straight barrel for my second. The 1” straight barrel is part of the Whirl Trio, which also includes 2 additional barrels. If you prefer clip barrels, you can purchase them separately.

For my first look, I went for polished but glamorous bombshell curls using their 1.25” clip barrel. I didn’t bother pinning or clipping hair, but just grabbed random pieces of hair until my whole head was curled. Of course, I can do this because my hair is fine. Those with thicker hair (like my sister) always have to separate and clip sections!

I loved that I only had to go through each section of hair once thanks to T3’s SinglePass technology! It basically means that the barrel is evenly heated so it creates consistent curls really fast. It’s especially helpful if you’re running late for a date because you can curl your hair quickly.

I wore a fun spring yellow dress and nude accessories to keep it elegant. I'm loving bright colors but my style is as fickle as the weather. One week it is sunny and warm, the next week is cold and overcast with a good chance of rain!

For my second look I wanted bouncier, fun curls. I used a thinner wand (their 1" straight barrel) and smaller chunks of hair. I did clip my hair in three different levels for this look though since I was doing smaller sections. This allowed for tighter curls which I finger combed for bounce. Even though T3 says the 1" straight barrel is for undone waves, it also depends on how big the chunk of hair is when you curl it.

Once again the styling wand curled my hair so fast while also making it extra smooth and shiny thanks to the tourmaline + ceramic technology in each of the barrels.

I wore a casual look (I love the Silence and Noise brand at Urban Outfitters and have so many of their tops!) and probably could have gone with a lighter makeup look but sometimes I just forget as it's really about the eye shadow anyways!

I actually have a coupon code [HAPATIMETRIO] for you guys if you want to buy their Whirl Trio so you can get two clip barrels (1" and 1.25") free!

*Special thanks to T3 for sponsoring this post.


  1. Your hair is flawless and these kind of locks suit you perfectly!! I'm loving your style girl, that 2nd outfit is perfection of a casual look!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! Amazing outfits too! =)

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  3. so cute look ; -)))

    i invite to me too

  4. Such a lovely curler!

  5. loving your hair!

  6. So cute! I love the yellow dress on you. Makes me feel like it's spring already :)

  7. The sexiest blogger ever

  8. Love those curls, and loving the first outfit as well!

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm a fan of T3 irons for sure; love both your looks in this post!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  10. Jess, it's been a long while! Love the look of your blog and your style is as stunning as ever! Love that yellow dress and your smile. Your hair is always on point, though hehe :D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  11. Your makeup style really matches the vanity mirror! Together, they make you look like in a pin-up-girl-style. Really really love it! You're looking gorgeous as always, Jessice! :-* :-*


  12. Beautiful curls! I love both looks!

  13. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Those curls look beautiful on you! xx


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