Friday, May 6, 2016

My Travel Essentials + Travel Tips

In just a few days I'll be visiting Amsterdam and London with my sister and I am so excited! I haven't traveled much of Europe, so I can't wait to explore these cities. I realized I've been traveling a lot more the last few months so as I pack for my trip, I thought I would share some of my current travel essentials (+ a few travel tips)!

Travel Tips

No doubt, flying is usually the worst part of traveling. Security lines, layovers, long flights, bad airplane name it! But come prepared, and you can hopefully ease some of these travel pains. Here are a few travel tips I always follow to help make sure I have the best experience while flying.

1. Dress Warm: Airports and airplanes are often very cold, so don't forget to layer up with closed-toed shoes, pants, and a sweater to make sure you are warm enough during your long trip.
2. Bring a Blanket: Even if I dress warm, I still like to have a blanket to keep me warm or snuggle up with on the flight. It's also great to have if you get stuck in the airport during a long layover! And if your travel partner forgot to dress warm for the flight, they'll love you for coming prepared :)
3. Bring LOTS of Entertainment: Flights are a great time to catch up on your reading or that movie/t.v show you've been wanting to binge watch. Instead of overspending at the airport magazine stands, bring your own book, magazine or downloaded show. I always like to download a couple of good books on my phone or tablet so I have something to read at all times.
4. Pack Your Essentials in Your Carry-On: You should always pack your most important items in your carry on. My parents gave me this piece of advice when I was younger, and it's something I've always followed. Just in case your checked luggage gets lost of misplaced, you will always have your essential items with you. (I like to pack a change of clothes, my makeup, computer and camera equipment). 

Skincare Essentials

Traveling drys out my skin, so I always make sure I have my Alba Botanica lotion with me. I've been using this lotion for years now, and it's one of favorite face lotions at a budget friendly price. (If you caught my Snapchat Q&A, this was the lotion I referred to).

While I'm home, I use my Clarisonic every day to deep clean my skin. Since traveling can be harsh on my body/skin, it is especially important that I keep up with my skincare routine.  On my trips I'll bring my Mia Fit since it's nice and compact.

To help remove my eye makeup, I use Lancome's eye makeup remover. I've also been using this product for years since it's great for sensitive skin and really removes all makeup (especially waterproof mascara).

Another essential for me is dry shampoo. It's probably the best invention after the wheel (I'm kidding, but if you use dry shampoo you probably understand what I mean lol). I have thin hair that gets oily quickly so dry shampoo is a must. Plus, it always helps with that extra needed volume! My favorite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I like to order from Amazon since it's the best deal I've found, and I'll often a large pack of them so I don't run out.

And of course, not pictured are my suitcases filled with lots of outfits that I'll also be bringing :) Stay tuned for some pictures from out trip!


  1. Great and useful post! :)
    Love your shorts!

  2. Denim shorts are belonging also to you travel essentials :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Amazing essentials! Loving that Clarisonic! =D

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  4. Love your shorts! <3

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  5. Thanks for sharing these tips. I love that crochet top, too :)

  6. Love this post. Very useful tips! :)

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