Sunday, June 19, 2016

Burgundy for Spring

Outfit details: Dress (on sale!) | Shoes | Earrings

The gorgeous print and texture of the jacquard material (you can see it better on Revolve) and the slightly Oriental vibe make this dress a piece of art. Again you would likely want to wear sticky cups (I recommend NuBra or Victorias Secret) for better shape in front. This material is really soft and the shape is so pretty - there is even a bow in the back for that perfect touch. I realized it can also work very well for Christmas but we are a very long way from there :)

I paired it with my matching pumps and earrings - I love matching everything so much!! And honestly I have had this dress in my closet for over two months now with nowhere to wear it! But I thought you guys would love it too so I had to take some pictures.


Outfit details: Dress (on sale!) | Shoes | Earrings



  1. Such a glamorous and beautiful woman you are! I'm always left speechless when I visit your blog. :)

  2. You look so pretty! And I like the colour. ;)

  3. pretty look ; -0)))

    invite to me too

  4. This dress is perfect! You look stunning!

  5. I need this dress in my life. You look absolutely wonderful in it!

  6. I love Burgundy for spring it's innovative! This dress is A M A Z I N G .... You're the TOP! Beautiful! Perfect Outfit!


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  7. Nice dress <3

  8. So pretty outfit! You look really great in burgundy colour. I like your hairstyle too and photots.


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