Thursday, August 25, 2016

Plunge Top and Ripped Denim Shorts

Urban Outfitters Top | Shorts | Michael Kors Bag (this small version is only available in stores) | Marc Fisher Boots (also love the burgundy suede version!)

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but my hair has been a little thicker thanks to extensions! I've had them in almost 9 weeks now (I just went in for retouching yesterday). I always felt like my hair was too fine (clip ins are a pain) and so I finally looked up a quality salon in my area to see what kind of extensions they did and found out there was a new technique called nano beading. It is a way to install the extensions individually so that hair and scalp stays cleaner and there is no bulkiness around the base of the installation. I only have a half set in but could go in for the 2nd half or even the "glamazon" set. The difference in my hair thickness is pretty natural but I like that it isn't heavy on my head at all.

I actually tried extensions once before a long time ago and the (much lower quality) salon I found used a braiding/weaving technique and it was awful! I remember my head itched so much since I couldn't wash it that thoroughly. It was also impossible to put my hair in a ponytail and now I can, though it is safer to not to because it loosens the extensions a little bit. Anyways the hair artist deep conditioned my hair and I have to say it feels amazing. I don't know why I never think about never putting my hair in a mask but it really makes a difference.

Have a lovely day!

Urban Outfitters Top | Shorts | Michael Kors Bag (this small version is only available in stores) | Marc Fisher Boots (also love the burgundy suede version!)



  1. I like your shorts. The cut is super flattering. Lovely top, too :)

    xo Azu

  2. Love your boots! <3

  3. Those shorts are so cute, and I love that little pom on your purse! Great look, Jessica! xo, sharon

  4. Such a beauty in every way!!

  5. Love the outfit!

  6. Wow. You did extension? It looks very natural and beautiful anyway. Can you give anu tips for maintance hair extensions? Anyway I love your top!

  7. super:) xx

  8. So nice!
    Love your shorts and bag.
    Great combination of colours, by the way.


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