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My Morning Routine Made Simple

Friday, June 16, 2017

I've recently shared tips to simplify your living space, suitcase, and today I'm sharing how I get ready for the day and some ways I keep my morning routine simple. 

I admit, I am not a morning person. I prefer to get in a few extra Z's which means having a simple--and streamlined--morning routine allows me to fit in the extra sleep I value and get out the door quicker.  I'll start my morning with a shower (it also helps wake me up) and then while my hair dries I'll do my makeup. Air-drying my hair as much as possible allows me to spend less time blow-drying my hair.  For the days I go between washes, I'll put dry shampoo in my hair the night before so that it absorbs any oil overnight and I'll just have to do a quick touch-up in the morning (this one of my favorite time-saving beauty tips!)

When it comes to my makeup routine, I keep it simple by sticking to my favorite essential products. These products have all stood the test of time, and I know they will apply smoothly and last throughout the day. Just like simplifying your closet, you don't want to hold on to all the extra beauty products that you never use or might possibly use at some point in the future. Less is more :)

Keep all the products you love and use on a daily basis and remove any products causing clutter (you don't want to spend 10 minutes looking for your good tube of mascara)! Currently my favorite products include: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation, Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder, Lorac eyeshadow & bronzer/blush palettes, Aveda Translucent Powder, and House of Lashes false eyelashes.

Having an organized and simplified closet makes a huge difference when I'm picking out my outfit for the day. It makes it easy to view the items in my wardrobe and get more creative with pairing my pieces. If I have time the night before, I'll lay out my outfit I have planned for the next day on my bed or hang it together in my closet so it's easy to grab in the morning. For tips on simplifying your closet, you can read my recent post here.

After I'm ready I'm always sure to eat breakfast before heading out. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I keep it light with some cereal, toast and/or eggs and I'm ready to take on the day!

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  1. I always air dry my hair too - in fact, I never blow dry it! I just find it so much better for my hair in general :)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It really is! Thanks for taking the time to stop by Charmaine <3

  2. I love that you made your morning routine super simple. Saves a lot of time, and I also air dry way less frizz.
    Beauty | Health | Lifestyle Blog

    1. It does save a lot of time--especially because long hair takes forever to blow dry haha so glad you could stop by!

  3. so nice look = )))


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  4. Nice & simple look ! love it

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  9. Beautiful post ! You are so pretty and I love the Make-up that you use !
    xx Amanda

  10. A simple morning routine!!! And I must say you are beautiful and the look with the denim shorts is perfect!!! I read your posts for some time and I must say that I am impressed. I found so many outfits with shorts... Very inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing :) !!


  11. Simple and beautiful! Love your routine, especially because I am not a morning person too!

    Ileana :)

  12. love a simple routine =) thank you for sharing!

  13. Awesome post and lovely photos ❤

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