Friday, August 25, 2017

Red Rampage

Shop Red Bikinis (wearing L'Agent Provacateur--on sale!) | Ettika Tassle Earrings (love all these statement earrings here) | Uno de 50 Bracelet

To fellow bloggers and photographers - isn't it interesting how different the light can be all within the same hour? I usually do my shoots in one spot but this time, being at The Shore Club resort, we thought why not vary it a little? Every direction we look in The Shore Club is simple perfection so we knew it would be a piece of cake.

I love how my earrings match my bathing suit so perfectly. Sometimes it's hard to get the right reds together but it was meant to be I guess! (P.S I did end up cutting my earrings a little shorter so they would fall right above my shoulders. These earrings here are also very similar!)

Shop Red Bikinis (wearing L'Agent Provacateur--on sale!) | Ettika Tassle Earrings (love all these statement earrings here) | Uno de 50 Bracelet


  1. Definitely meant to be, I am in 😍😍💕🌹🌹you are on fire in this red -Paul

  2. You are looking fantastic, such a cute bikini!

  3. WOW!!! U look amazing!!! Love your blog ♡

  4. You're so gorgeous and your hair is just a <3

  5. Beautiful bikini and very nice summer photos. :)

  6. Love this red bikini on you ! beautiful

  7. nice look = ]


    i invite to me too


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