Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Aspen in the Fall Pt.1

Outfit details: Cardigan | Jeans | Boots | Top | Necklace 

Caitlin and I had met a few years ago at an event in San Francisco, and we hit it off right away! We've remained friends over the years and decided it would be so fun to get together for a girls trip in Aspen. This was my first time in Aspen and Caitlin had been the year before and loved it. We flew into the Denver airport where we all met up before driving to Aspen (Caitlin and her mom flew in from North Carolina). Between the four of us girls (my sister Jasmine was also on the trip) we had so many bags we had to upgrade to a full size SUV just to fit everything in the car lol!

On me: Sweater | Shop beanies | Bag | Jeans
On Caitlin: Plaid Cape | Asos beanie (similar) | Bag

The drive from Denver to Aspen is 4 hours so it's a bit of a trek. You can find cheaper and direct flights to Denver, but if you plan on visiting Aspen I would probably recommend flying straight into the Aspen airport since it's five minutes from town. There are also some pretty scary parts of the drive through the mountain and you do need to mindful of the weather since it will often snow during the colder months and they will close the road. 

The beginning of October is their busy season in Aspen so we had to move hotels a couple of times because everything was sold out (be sure to book early!). We first stayed at the Limelight Hotel and we all loved it there. The rooms are sooo spacious (I think it's one of the biggest standard hotel rooms I've seen!) and they have a wonderful complimentary breakfast buffet where you can enjoy your meal by the fire. It's so cozy!

On me (left): Beanie | Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Bow
On Caitlin (right): Beanie | Sweater | Bow

When we first arrived the weather forecast said there would be some snow overnight, but we didn't expect the whole town to turn into a winter wonderland! It snowed almost all night and all day. I really didn't expect to see snow this early in the year but it was so magical!

We didn't want to drive in the snow so we explored the town during those few days. There is lots of shopping to do (Gucci, Free People, J.Crew, and more) and places to eat so it was easy to stay busy :) We also explored some neighborhoods and parks nearby and came across some gorgeous fall foliage views. If you are looking for streets lined with streets, you probably won't find them right in the downtown area so be sure to walk a few blocks past everything and you'll come across them when you least expect it! 



  1. You girls are so pretty! What a lovely trip to have with a friend who you get on with so well! ♥

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Aspen looks absolutely magical in Fall!

  3. Aspen looks so pretty! <3 :) I love the color palette of the leaves! Stunning! Hope you girls had lots of fun!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. Wow, the pictures look amazing and I'm so in love with all of your fall outfits!
    xx, Jeany from

  5. So beautiful fall photos and outfits! You look amazing girls! :)

  6. Such pretty photos!!!! Love this!


  7. I love these photos! Very colorful and beautiful. Love the outfits and the backdrops!

    Best, The Heba xx

  8. Aspen looks so breathtaking the foliage is gorgeous! Love your trip.

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  9. Love all of these looks babe! So pretty and cozy!



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