Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chasing Aspens

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While we were in Aspen we caught some pretty crazy weather. About a day or two after we arrived, there was a snowstorm that came through during the night and the whole town was covered in snow!! While it was very beautiful, the snow unfortunately broke a lot of the tree branches and killed off a lot of the trees. We were lucky to have come across this picturesque street the day before the storm because many of the leaves were gone a few days later. Timing the fall foliage can be so difficult...especially with Mother Nature constantly changing her mind!

Originally we had planned to head straight to New England from Aspen, but right before we left we were looking at their fall foliage and the leaves were still weeks away from peaking. Right now parts of New England is looking beautiful and we are looking forward to heading there in a few days! There is something so magical about all the leaves changing color during fall. XO



  1. This is SUCH a pretty photo and Aspen looks gorgeous :) I love the fall vibes <3

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

  2. Such a cozy outfit!

  3. Such a beautiful photo girl! Glad you both were safe from the storm too!



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