BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket (Originally $188, On Sale for $125.90) | Bodysuit | Similar Boots on sale | Michael Kors Tote

You guys may have heard the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Sale just started this morning and items are going fast!! There are soo many cute things that have been hugely discounted so now is the time to snag anything you've had on your wish list! Most of the sale items are for fall and winter so I also wanted to pick out some of my favorite pieces that can be worn now (for summer).

Items have been selling out as they've been sitting in my cart so if you see something you like, definitely grab it while you can!
1 Soludos | 2 Bikini: Top and Bottom | 3 Star Earrings | 4 Stripe Top | 5 Smudge Proof Red Lip Color | 6 Red Shorts | 7 Red Stripe Sweater | 8 Zipper Up Suit | 9 White Sweetheart Tank | 10 White Tee | 11 Blue One Piece | 12 White Crop Top | 13 Cozy Star Sweatshirt | 14 Sunnies | 15 Stripe Kicks

Growing up, the 4th of July was always sparklers, swimming pool parties, and lemonade. It was easy to get our family and extended family together. Now that everyone is older though, rounding everyone up in one place is of course a lot harder thanks to work and travel schedules. Luckily the 4th is not just a family holiday but a great time to celebrate with friends, and that's just what we are going to do!

For the 4th of July holiday we'll be heading to Lake Tahoe this year! I've reserved a boat so we can go tubing, stand up paddle boarding and jet skiing. We have a 10 person cabin and I'm still in the process of planning food!! But first I had to go shopping of course! I'm so excited to dress for the occasion and still be comfortable and appropriately dressed! I mean isn't that the goal every day and everywhere? :)

I know from previous experience, it's hot during the day and gets chilly at night. Hence the cute sweaters! Sometimes the breeze on a speedboat is even too much and a sweater is a good idea there too. Not pictured are a star spangled mini skirtdenim shorts, flip flops, cute towels, a hat and sunscreen. It's always good to be prepared! I'm hoping that by posting this today, if you guys want anything in this post, you will still have time to order and receive it in time for the fun day! Let me know what you guys are doing in the comments!


There is something so classic about a good jumpsuit. Not only are they are great alternative for a dress, but they are so practical and they make getting ready for any occasion a breeze. You only need to think about styling one piece of clothing and you are good to go! I've had a few jumpsuits in my closets for years now and I'll pull them out for events or parties. 

For the first part of our trip to Spain, we spent a few days in Barcelona. We initially were only going to visit Mallorca, but since it's since a long journey to Europe we decided to add a stop in Barcelona since we had never been before!

There is something about Mallorca that is so magical. In fact, with all my traveling, this has quickly become one of my most beloved locations in the world. During our visit on the island, my sister and I hired a taxi to drive us around. We were too scared to drive ourselves since the signs are all in Spanish and the drivers seemed to think differently from American drivers, though we couldn't put a finger on how. We visited Es Pontes, Cala Figuera, Cala Major, Fornalutx and Port De Soller.
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