Striped Bikini at Lanikai Beach

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I was actually in Hawaii when I started this post on the very second day of my trip! Every day in Hawaii is so full of possibilities! From where to eat delicious food, such as pancake souffle, eggs benedict, acai bowls, german pancakes, fresh salads, udon, korean bbq, sushi, ramen, curry, poke, ice cream, guava juice… oh I could go on forever. For activities, the list is endless! Hang out on the beach, kayak, stand up paddle board, hike, ATV rides, submarines, snorkeling, sky diving, helicopter ride, ride a horse, swim, surf, swim with the turtles, shark cave diving, fishing, boogie boarding, shop, play beach volleyball, go to the zoo, zipline, jet ski, waterski and more!!

We took these photos on Lanikai beach and I must say, it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Actually, most of the island is busier than it’s been on any other trip I’ve had here. I guess August is just the peak of summer!! We usually come here in off season like January or May.

Now let’s talk about my super cute suit. I couldn’t believe the top piece of my suit went from 25% to 60% off right before my eyes! Last time I checked, it was only $19! The stripes are so fun and remind me of candy 🙂 My bag is the perfect size, and although the beads on the handles annoyed me at first, I ended up deciding I love the bag despite it. It has two little pockets inside for important items and the top has a cover that you can tighten, to close the bag essentially. I found it on sale, so check it out if you need a new beach bag! Lastly, I bought my hat for the tulip fields a few months ago, and I really didn’t expect it look or fit right, since I can never find a good hat. However, this hat is AMAZING, and I’ve brought it on every trip since!

My jewelry is from SOPHIYA Jewelry and created by my sister Jasmine! She started her own jewelry line recently and I’m so proud of her! She was really into making jewelry when she was a kid – she loved beads and had a whole beading kit. The jewelry she’s been creating for her new line is feminine, dainty and high quality – all features I look for in jewelry.

My next post will be a trip recap and recommendations of things to do and places to eat in Oahu!

And shout out to Liquid Sunshine in Los Gatos for always giving me the most beautiful spray tan! It looks real and I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to get a real tan. UV rays are just so harmful to the skin, so wear your sunscreen!!



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