Meet Me at Midnight

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This is a great party look, especially for night time, but the night doesn’t make for such great lighting (in my personal opinion). I shot these outside of the Waikiki Prince hotel which I am seriously considering staying at with my boyfriend this coming January. My friend Phil shot these for me since my sister left the trip early and we had a bit of a hard time because it was so windy but I think it all turned out fine 🙂 

I love the skort though the waist was a bit too wide – no problem since that’s what belts are for. And the heels are beautiful (Chinese Laundry brand) though I do need to customize the straps for myself. It’s easy to do since I have clay tools (as a lifelong artist at heart – half my room is filled with art supplies, the other half fashion) and one [something like this] easily makes the perfect size hole in shoe straps haha. 

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  1. Cindy Wilson
    September 5, 2013 / 3:09 pm

    perfect look <3 love the way you mix the crop top and the skort, all look super good together :))

  2. S.
    September 5, 2013 / 3:29 pm

    Great outfit!

  3. Adam
    September 5, 2013 / 3:42 pm

    nice outfit

  4. Júh Britto ♥
    September 5, 2013 / 4:26 pm

    Hello Jessica okay?Look gorgeous this was his perfect, loved the accessories also divine.xoxo♕

  5. Miss Haribo
    September 5, 2013 / 4:37 pm

    Love all the gorgeous photos!

  6. Edurne Anglada
    September 5, 2013 / 4:56 pm

    Love that top ♥ it's amazing!xx,-Edurne

  7. Petite and Hungry
    September 5, 2013 / 5:17 pm

    so pretty! love the top!

  8. Laura Girard
    September 5, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    Nice outfit !www.thestilettoholic.comLove from Paris

  9. John Marine
    September 5, 2013 / 5:20 pm

    Sexy and sweet! Lovely skort along with those hot sandals. Your hair is also beautiful. Goodness… what an amazing outfit!

  10. Live-Style20
    September 5, 2013 / 5:21 pm

    cute!! ; ]i invite to me too !

  11. Kate Greer
    September 5, 2013 / 6:23 pm

    I'm to scared to style the crop top yet, but you look stunning!xoxo-KSP

  12. Monika Basiaga
    September 5, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    Simple but fantastic look :)I love it!

  13. Mei Fleming
    September 5, 2013 / 7:11 pm

    Simple look, but very sexy and sassy! You look fantastic!Please visit my blog for the last Hawaii looks before moving on to FALL season!www.eyelikefashion.comwww.eyelikefashion.comwww.eyelikefashion.comxoxo

  14. Connie Tang
    September 5, 2013 / 9:34 pm

    super cute, jess! your hair looks great!xox, I have a giveaway on my blog right now and would love it if you'd stop by and enter! <3

  15. Yolennie
    September 5, 2013 / 10:06 pm

    You always have the most beautiful photos. The background, the lighting, etc everything's perfect! This is a beautiful outfit, adore those skorts :)

  16. Jenny Tsang
    September 5, 2013 / 10:55 pm

    Great color of those skorts, this outfit is really simple yet stunning with a crop hugging top, cute clutch! xoxoNew post up…❤ Jenny | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin'

  17. Seppy
    September 5, 2013 / 11:23 pm

    Love it! The skort is awesome!

  18. Cinthia Levy
    September 5, 2013 / 11:51 pm

    Congrats!! you look amazing, fabulous as always…You are so inspiring.Lovely

  19. Ladies in Navy
    September 6, 2013 / 2:03 am

    these are gorgeous dark shades on your skin tone!kw ladies in navy

  20. Megann Monday
    September 6, 2013 / 2:23 am

    You worked through the wind, that's for sure. You look great in this set (as you always do, of course) 🙂 I really like that cropped long sleeve top. Been trying to look for something similar around here, but it's posing to be quite the task.xx Megann, Style Surgery

  21. andrewhudson
    September 6, 2013 / 5:09 am

    No hesitation to say that you look so sweet and stunning on those pics. Dress is amazing and my favorite. I noticed that many number of girls are choosing Bella for as a top look and style.

  22. Christina Kas
    September 8, 2013 / 2:01 am

    This outfit is flawless, I'll definitely be needing to purchase that skort!-Stina

  23. Anonymous
    January 12, 2014 / 2:38 am

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